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Stalin with Da Spoon

Greetings, I am comrade Stalin, a man with swag and a giant spoon, here to write random fan-fictions featuring weird alternate universes, crossovers, and references. Enjoy the show, and stay swaggy.

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Todays the Day · 6:39pm Last Thursday

Guess who just survived another year on this rock? This guy. It my birthday boys, feels good.

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Thanks for the follow, comrade

Danke, and happy holidays to you as well.

Hello there.
I found this series a while ago that I wanted to bring to your attention in case you would be interested in this series

Good to hear. There ain't many Highfleet fics out there (none on Fanfiction and AO3, and around 6 on Ficbook), and exotic crossovers are my most favourite thungs ever. Keep up the good work!

Hello there Comrade Spoon. Thx for the watch.

While it is currently on Hiatus until I find time to return to it, it is still somewhat alive, yes.

Hello there comrade, is the highfleet story still alive?

I have loved the story that you have written hope to see more in the future

Ps. The muffin man

  • Viewing 89 - 98 of 98
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