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Pretty much my new OTP.

Put all shipping stories of these two here.
best ship ever

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Best ship ever lol agreed, I asked my bff in school since we both love mlp and asked which of the main six I would be, she awnsered Pinkie (I was into the ship by then and in my head I sqealed with delight.)

There, I just jumped on this crazy train.

Gosh they're perfect. :rainbowkiss:

I mean seriously! Am I the only one who noticed Cheese Sandwich is pretty much the male version of Pinkie Pie?

They should make another episode with Pinkie and Cheese...

And have like Princess Cadence, like, teach them about love or tease them or something... :trollestia:

I loved this couple the moment I saw them on screen together :rainbowkiss:

That banner always makes me laugh for some reason... :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah go pinkie:heart:cheese sandwich

To be honest I don't really like Cheese Sandwich but this story made me change my mind!!! LOVE IT!!!! :rainbowkiss:

Always thought Cheese Sandwich x Pinkie Pie should be canon.

"you thought you could stop it" :rainbowlaugh:

I was going to make a group... but I see you already did.

Hmm... I expected there to be a few stories by now... Need to work on my psychic abilities. :twilightsmile:

Lol. Second fav OTP next to SoarinDash :pinkiecrazy:
Just one to put story if there's no folder?


Or actually my first OTP.. hmph.. hopefully this will actually tie me more into MLP. ^^ OTTPPPP

this didn't take long :rainbowhuh:

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