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Redhead With A Computer

Hiya! I'm Redhead (Though you can call me Red if you wish), and I write things sometimes and edit stories for you. I actually do a bit of everything on here...

Note to anyone who hasn't met me before

I do, in fact, have stories - one is currently in the process of being revamped, so it's down for a while.


well, this is awkward. · 4:00pm Oct 1st, 2017

um. hiya, guys.

i know i was gone for like, two years, and most people have probably already forgotten about me, but hi. i'm andrea, the redhead with a computer.

a lot has changed since i was last on this site.. well, i'm 13 now, almost 14. i've moved fandoms i don't even know how many times. i also got diagnosed with depression and found out i'm queer, so there's that.

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I need help on how to write good comedy for my story or at least how to do it on my own. Can you help me please?

Thanks for faving my story! :pinkiehappy:

watch for watch.:moustache:

thanks for the whach.:twilightsmile:

eh eh Do you like Derpy Derpy IS My Favorite Pony!!!!!:rainbowlaugh:


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I stalk all who stalk me.


I think the better question is....

y u follow meh?

y u follow meh?:rainbowderp:

I don't mean to be rude, but that's very surprising considering your overall quality with writing.
I mean, even 13 year olds on this site usually have horrid grammar, spelling, etcetera.
Just saying that I'm impressed. :moustache:

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sure and thanks for the gender info


You are very welcome, Nugget. (Can I call you that?) Also I'm a lady

Thank you for watching me good sir/lady

Have a Greatest day of your life

I just don't like her, she acts out of her element all the time, (element of harmony, I liked her in return of harmony, she showed her true colors) and sometimes does shellfish things before at the end cops out and goes for her friends. COPOUT!!


She's a "Meh" for me, personally.

Honestly, sometimes she doesn't act as her element, (I'm NOT talking about Return Of Harmony) but she has the best intentions of her friends (And sister!) at heart, and is (Mostly) generous.

Mini-rant over.

Just a question, do you like Rarity...more than any of the other ponies?

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