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This group is for all Cheesepie Lovers alike! I hope you all enjoy staying here! :rainbowkiss:


1: Be nice!

2: Post stories that involve Cheesepie!

3: Put any Cheesepie story that applies to your story. If your story has 3 tags, put them in the folders.

Example: La Vie En Rose: Romance, Dark, Comedy, Adventure. Put in the folders.

4: Have fun!

The admins are:


The Contributor is Summer Dancer

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Let me do something real quickly...**Walks out room**

**Fangirls so hard that I explode with confetti.**
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382643 Since your story has a lot of tags, you can put them in the folder.

Cheese Sandwich is so perfect her nobody else can even compare XD.

Yes, just YES!!!

Here's a suggestion: you might like to put something on the front page about where you want people to put their stories. Mostly, you'll want to let people know if they should put stories in every folder that applies, or only one.

Also, hi, guys, if you don't know know me, I'm scoots2. I've written over 100,000 words of CheesePie.

382639 I want to make that legit thing with my character now. :yay:Also I should make a story about it with Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

382632 That would be cool. What would it sense?:pinkiehappy:

382634 You should check it out sometime, it's called 'My Little Pony: The New Generation'

382631 In a story of mine on fanfiction they even have a kid together

I wish I had a Bluey sense. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::yay:

382630 Thanks for joining! And yeah, they are.:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, these two are the perfect couple:twilightsmile:

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