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I watched mlp when it was still G1 I am a old school brony but whatever lets get to the point here. I am sarcastic I tend to speak my mind a lot so if I come off mean I apologize.

favorite of the mane six: Pinkie Pie and Twilight
least favorite of the mane six: Rainbow Dash
best secondary character: Cheese Sandwich
favorite villain Starlight Glimmer
favorite of the hero four Sugar Belle and Party favor
best princess: Celestia
OTP: tie between TwiPie and CheesePie also fluttercord is cute but i prefer twicord or dislestia since they wont put up with discord's bullcrap. I like SugarFavor the ship between sugar belle and party favor.
NOTP: most cheese sandwich ships I can't ship him with anyone but pinkie. Same with Pinkie its hard anymore to see her with anyone but Cheese since i now see the problems most people say about Pinkie ships they would try to fix her. Except Twilight she would try to figure her out but not try to change her.

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He can’t hear you. If the name is striked out it means gone. You’re screaming into the void son.


Rainbow dash is best pony. Idiot's like you don't understand her because you're too stupid.

You may be banned, TPC, but the legend of your spaz lives on in tumblr form. At least until you get banned there too. :rainbowkiss:

1999434 a
The reason I ship is because i enjoy the chemstry between the characters or how they interact like why I ship CheesePie I liked their interaction and I could see her dating Sugar Bell too since they could fall in love while competing at a bake off. two rivals who fall in love I like that trope. I say go for whatever works for you.

  • Viewing 135 - 139 of 139
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