Igneous Rock... Rocks! 50 members · 25 stories

A group housing stories where Igneous Rock--aka "Clyde Pie"--is either the main character, a major character, or at least a supporting character depicted in a positive light.

A grumpy rock farmer he may be, but any story that shows good ol' Iggy being a husband and father that truly cares for his wife Cloudy Quartz and his daughters Maud, Pinkie, Marble, and Limestone is welcome!

1. Please be respectful of other members.
2. No stories where Igneous is abusive, especially towards Pinkie.
3. If you have suggestions to improve this group, don't be afraid to say so!

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Group housing stories, These stories are here because i want to publish these stories in the school to buy term papers online. I know these stories are best and providing top stories which you can easily see.

Joining because that pun is beautiful. :trollestia:

I do hope that when we see Igneous in Season 5, they don't potray him or his wife Cloudy as abusive or neglectful towards Pinkie Pie. That idea has been done to death way too much in fanfiction, and it seems out of place, even in regards to how Pinkie Pie turned out.

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