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A goofy little miss that's here to write and draw to her heart's content. Her imagination doesn't know when to shut off.

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Stuffy Stuffs about Me

Often an unfortunate victim of writer's/artist's block.

Young woman in her early 20's.
Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon).
Has been drawing and making up stories since she was a toddler.
Values a combination of imagination and good writing in any story she gets invested in.
Character creation, from design to backstory, is one of her favorite pastimes.
Likes reading long blog posts that analyze stuff relating to her interests.
Not very interested in background ponies and despises bandwagons.
Picky reader, and is a little bitter over how her ponies of interest typically have few stories.
Ponies she's typically interested in are minor and one-shot characters with plot relevance in an episode.
Cheese Sandwich is her favorite.

You Can Find Me Also On:
DeviantArt, Tumblr, and FanFiction

Also, my OC Tomato Sandwich has an ask blog if you'd like to see.


Divergence · 8:31pm November 8th

So, after some thought on how I feel about Season 8, I've concluded that it's my least favorite season. Not because it's super awful or anything (heck, there are some moments and episodes that I really liked), but because A) a lot of the episodes were just so dull to me, and B) the whole Friendship School schtick makes me want to pull my hair out.

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Stuff that Should Be Remembered

Brotherly Bonding Time "Episode" List--Locations visited and short summaries of stories of each arc of Brotherly Bonding Time.

OC Pages--Info about the various OCs I've created for various stories, whether they've been written or not.

A Legacy of Laughter--A look into the history of party ponies and what they've done.

Birthday Bios
Birthdays and little biographies of OCs

6--Navy Stardust
10--Carpet Burn
14--Platinum Pen
21--Peanut Butter
25--Silk Shimmer
31--Madame Bookshelf

2--Kazam Rune
5--Winter Mist
8--Purple Prose
14--Sedimentary Rock
15--Pizza Pockets (II)/Fudge Fondue
28--Windswept Goldenmane

1--Cheesecake Chase
3--March Redwood
5--Tomato Sandwich/Willow
11--Jasper Horseshoe
17--Green Circle
29--Balloon Buddy

1--Comedy Gold
7--Orchard Soil
11--Quasar Rune
14--Jamberry Rune

1--Flower Power
23--Pearly Whites

1--Macaroni/Pizza Pockets
15--Flora Peace
16--Creme Brulee
23--Sunny Crystal
29--Hay Burger

2--Black Diamond
4--Berry Blast
5--Mustard Squirt Bottle
9--Summer Wind
15--Blazing Silver
20--Cucumber Melon
23--Jasmine Flower
30--Ash Tree

8--Bell Pepper
21--Sketcha Holic

3--Steel Wool
4--Lemon Lime
9--Noble Metal
15--Wheat Harvest
17--Rich Custard
30--Fallow Track

6--Amber Waves
18--Kernel Grin
31--Wayer Rune

4--Sugar Glider
7--Acorn Compound
13--Blue Square
19--Violet Verses
25--Jumbo Thumbo
28--Rocky Road

8--Lemon Drop
18--Merry Maykin
21--Powder Snow
22--Cocoa Butter
24--Peppermint Stride
26--Herald Angel
30--Ice Cream

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