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This is group where you can wright story's about the children of the mane 6 or any other character in my little pony.
You could do a Soarindash child, or Fluttercord child it can be an Appledash child for all i care this group is for you all to post story's of the fan children, sooooo feel free to create what ever kind of story you want on this group :twilightsmile:

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Can you make folders for the Cmc?

385850 the user who created this group was banned cus she requestid it and i am the preveus creator and wish for this group to be untouched there is a reason why no one is hear it is because i created it not many people are fond of me

So many folders, yet so few stories in them.....Why?

Also, what do you think of this equation?

Rainbow Dash + Pinkie Pie = Tigger (or at least a R63 pony version)

377025 check out some of the stories I did for some missing ones

are there anymore i missed i cant think of anymore :twilightblush:

im working on it and im going to make more right know :twilightsmile:

still missing some folders.

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