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Hello fellow adventures, do you want to travel to the far regions of Equestria, do you want life risking travels, do you wanna travel to another dimension, do you wanna risk you life just for the fun of it, then this group is for you :rainbowdetermined2:.

As long as the story takes you to new places it's a go, a little romance is allowed too as long it won't stop the travels, now let's get dangerous

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Hi, I'm new to FiMfic and while incredibly new to fanfic writing (or fiction writing in general) I was instructed to look up groups with particular interests online and share stories and talk specific ideas. There's a large entry, serialized pair of works that tie into eachother I'm planning set in Equestria's distant past. Just after the sudden disappearance of Star Swirl and the Pillars, but a few years before Discord.

The primary framing idea of the world is that Equestria is largely unknown, and that Equestrian Nights is set a scant few decades after the first Hearth's Warming Eve, and in the companion series Ponies on the Move, a mere 13 years that features the background story of Carrara Marble, the lead protag of Equestrian Nights.

So the Princesses are very young (and inexperienced, yet still promising minds), there's ponies that still remember their belligerent past and the Great Blizzard and migration, the landscape is unexplored, and the monsters and dangerous magic they experience in this enchanted frontier is giving them pause.

Basically both of them (will) feature all OC characters, with Ponies on the Move being the only one to feature periodic scenes with Princesses Celestia & Luna (as very, very young ponies).

So in short ... it's Old West vibes meets High Fantasy blend, with some fighting, exploration, and existential angst and arguments between them as they take in their world and discuss parts of themselves. All of which begin to paint a picture of why exactly they are vagabonds on the Equestrian Frontier.

All of them seeking some special purpose, or to find something they feel like they're missing in life. A lost feeling of one's youth, of grace and heroism without so much complexity that reality demands, or of power and wisdom without the stern teacher and the dusty tome...

So I was wondering if people might check out it out and give me some pointers, or perhaps some ideas where they would like to see the narrative go.

Thanks for your time, and hope to hear from you if you had any insights to help a newbie adventure writer.

After seeing the MLP Movie, I'm definitely one for adventures across Equestria:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:!

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