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Darth Redbeard

It's almost harvesting season!

Theme for the Battle of Manehatten in Imperial Liberation of Equestria

For the USA

Welcome to Darth's page.

You'll find SpikeBelle stories and maybe a few others. Just depends.

Have a good day

My fleet (minus a few thousand ships and my flagship)

My Flagship

Dealing with the Empire


Looking for some cover art · 4:26am March 18th

Put it simple, I have a few stories in need of cover art and I'm willing to pay for them.

If anyone knows anyone that might be interested or interested, comment below.

Also, I know some will recommend the Art groups. I'm looking into other places before going to them right now.

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Future Story Ideas

List of planned stories and main couple for each one:

Equestria the Lost Nation (Story is getting worked on) (FlashLight)
The Pony King 2 Spike's Kingdom (SpikeBelle, OC and OC)
Flutterhantos (Fluttermac)
Caramelues (Caramel and Applejack)
Spiladdin (SpikeBelle)
Quest for Canterlot (PinkieBurn)
Applestatia (various couples I ship)
The Little Pegasus (SorainDash)
My own OC story (ending will be OC and Luna, but will include OC and OC couples. Warning, multiple Alicorns, not from Equestria
small romance stories leading up to A Great Day, including A FlashLight Story, A Day in the Orchard
Crimson Crown (Robin Hood Spoof)
Lennex Invasion of Equestria (will be Imperial Liberation from the Lennex Empire's view)
Laff-A-Lympics MLP version
To Reclaim Equestria (Adventure story)
To Help a Dragon
Life of a Guard
Equestria Girls; Spike's Story
Come back later for more stories.

Stories I'm writing

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