Equestria in darkness 27 members · 34 stories

This is my group for those peeps who want to read horror and romance stories featuring the world of equestria. There are also no rules about clop cause I don't care.

Level 1:
Reader: reader is the base joiner rank you get for joining you keep this rank until you post a story

Writer: writer is the base rank for someone who posts occasional stories]

Level 2:
Clop n' burn: this is the rank you get when you post both clop/shipping and horror stories

Horror horse: this is the rank for posting occasional horror stories

Clop n' roll: this is the rank for posting clop/shipping g stories

If you gain any ranks you will be pm by an admin


Do NOT post stories in more than on folder no matter how many folders they fit in to.

Horror and shipping only.

Do not ask for ranks.

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