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This group is for stories about the Equestria Girls background characters. Not Vinyl Scratch, not Trixie, the background background characters. I'm talking Mystery Mint, Sweet Leaf, and everyone else. Generally stories in this group should mention the characters by name and have at least a supporting role in the story.

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That would be Cherry Crash. I admit that one’s really grown on me.

My background EQG character, definitely Starshine. The echo girl with the purple pigtails. She’s cute and pretty.

Would you mind if I promote my skype group?

383577 Maybe that one is Greta, one of Gilda's Griffon friends we saw in The Lost Treasure in Griffonstone? She and Gilda shared some Griffon Scones after Pinkie provided some baking powder to make Gilda's treats better.

You know the one with the hat and scarf is the fourth Doctor from the classic Doctor Who series, right?


The girl with bright green hair and a cherry shirt looks like a griffon, humanized.

The green hair one is a griffon

I need to know who they are!

AWESOME!:pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy:

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