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Trotcon 2018 · 1:45pm July 19th

Trotcon 2018 is at North Crowne Plaza in Columbus, Ohio this year! This weekend, July 20-22. I believe the hotel is on Doubletree rd in Columbus, Ohio. the price for the convention is $99.00/night, but if you team up with friends, I think $66.00/night with three friends sharing costs (plus extra money for swag/food, etc.

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Check out the collab group I am in! anthros of harmony

It is the official collab for the fan fiction, lavender heart by Skaltrox defiance knight, where humans end up transformed into anthro versions of the mlp characters as well as oc's.
Lavender Heart


Just letting you know about this collab I am in called Lavender Heart by Skaltox Defiance Knight and others. It's about a group of close friends who end up as the anthro versions of the Mane 6 as well as the canon MLP cast and several OC's are showing up as anthros. there are transformations of the transgender and tf variety (as male characters who are human end up as female characters with horns, wings and strength, depending on the pony they end up being most like. Other creatures are welcome from the show like Yaks, Buffalo, changelings, dragons, and hippogryphs.

Thanks for the follow! Care to share why? Not that I’m complaining.

Thanks for the watch! I try to update every Tuesday!

Thank you for the watch! I hope you like my posted stories.

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