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Harmony Trebleheart has been given the task by her Aunt Shimmer of taking care of her younger cousin, Little Horn, after the younger unicorn was released from Mercy Hospital. Harmony has also been asked by her Aunt to teach Little Horn magic and use the time they share together as a family while living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Along the way, they meet some familiar friends from Ponyville who need their help.

This Side Fiction Story is Part of the Five Score, Divided by 4 Universe, created by Twisted Spectrum. It is also a sequel to Little Horn's Story, and is a collaboration between the following writers:

kwr2k13 - Little Horn: Unicorn Filly; Harmony's cousin
Guardian and Friends - Babs Seed
StrayanPhoenix772 - Harmony Trebleheart: Unicorn Mare, Singer, Little Horn's cousin
BLT185 - Crankshaft
JXWheeler - Cutie Mark Crusaders and Duo
Swirlstar- Mayor Mare
Timstro59 - Amethyst
Superpony55 - Blue Skies
ElementBrigade - Golden Moon

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Fillies and Gentlecolts, I need your assistance!

The role of Harmony Trebleheart, played originally by Sparkler Hooves, will be now open for auditions!

Due to some parental concerns, I have just been informed that Sparkler Hooves will not be reprising her role as Harmony Trebleheart. I am not sure what to do about this, but I cannot retcon her out of the story. She needs a new writer.

This weekend, I will be hosting audtions for the role of Small Horn's cousin. I will give you some creativity as to how to portray this pony, but she is a singer by trade, and she loves to take care of her cousin. They were planning to make muffins in the next chapter, so please pm me for more info or to do auditions. If you have what it takes to be Harmony Trebleheart, you can star in my fan fic, On Our Own.

If you want to collab in this fan fic with your pony, please contact me via pm.

Thank you, StrayanPhoenix772 for helping me out on the last chapter.

If you wish to have your pony join up and meet Little Horn and Harmony, please contact me at little.horn.unicorn@gmail.com. Let us set up a schedule and come up with some great story ideas.

2807544 thanks.

working with StrayanPhoenix772, who has graciously accepted the role of Harmony (The Whte Unicorn with glasses and the blue mane/tail in the cover art). The brown filly is Little Horn.

If you want to be included as a newly discovered pony who needs help, just pm me with your contact info, your pony and their appearance, It can be an Original Character, or a Featured Secondary character from the show. (Twisted Spectrum is using the Mane 6).


You're welcome

And I can't think of anypony,sorry.

I told you those unusual gaps weren't going to turn up in the Fimfiction format. :ajbemused:
Now it looks like a big text wall. :facehoof:

2831018 So, does it need edited or will it be okay as is?

Are you able to write a story by yourself? I mean, all of your stories are collabs.

I can take the role of every character in my stories and I'm only a teenager. A grown-up must be better than me...

I just like working with others, since they know the characters, personalities, etc..

I was planning a fan fiction about Little Strong Heart, the buffalo calf from over a barrel. A female Native american gymnast becomes Strong Heart after some unexplained circumstances.

I don't like how you decided to wrap it up there on an open-ended question. :pinkiesick:
It just doesn't feel... finished. :raritydespair:
Unless you're trying to keep some sort of deadline here, we probably could've drawn out that last conversation a little longer. :applejackunsure:

Oh well. :trixieshiftleft:

2954986 Chapter 8 is still being worked on. I guess I can add more stuff to chapter 7 and copy/paste it to wrap up the chapter.

In regards to Ch. 8, I've been chopping and changing a few things here and there with that, such as adding extra details and in general cleaning it up and making it twenty percent better, so you might want to just upload the chapter straight from Google Docs using the URL, rather than having to read through and copy-n-paste all the changes. :unsuresweetie:

2956168 Nice, Thanks. Let me know when it is safe to upload the chapters and I will do so later today if it's okay with you.

2956248 I am guessing the third pony from the right to left is my Duo?

2976471 Between Sweetie Belle and Crankshaft.

Little Horn is next to her cousin, Harmony. Apple Bloom and babs seed are next to each other and Scootaloo.

2976540 Whose the one on far right? Rainbow Dash?

2976552 Her name is Midnight Blossom. She has not appeared in the story yet, but her player's having trouble getting started.

I also invited Timstro59 to play a new friend for the group. Her name is Amethyst.

2956168 Looks like Chapter 9 is shaping up to be a good chapter. The food and drink orders are being taken among the guests at Harmony and Little Horn's place, and the mess Sweetie belle and Duo made was cleaned up, with a little help from the Crusaders. Sadly, no Cutie Marks were obtained in cleaning up messes. :applecry:

3365486 I uploaded the chapter using the upload chapter function in the upper left hand corner of the editing screen.

It never screws it up this badly whenever I do that with my stories... :applejackconfused:
And they say technology is getting smarter... :facehoof:

I really hope you know that Duo was not able to send a letter at all... if you plan on him talking with luna instead at beginning of next chaoter, then chamge the end dialogue of this one. "Hope that made you feel better fillies and colt" Is not a good thing to say when Duo was left out.

3419669 Okay, I am editing the end of ch. 12, so Duo can be included as a member of the Cutie Mark crusader.

The letters can be held until the crusaders officially meet the mane 6 in Iowa and then offer them to their recipients.

2868139 Too bad that the fact the ponies here are 90% OC's of OTHER authors, it is appropriate to have it as a collab. Besides, if it was only canon characters it could be written on his/her own.

Example: Only I know how Duo will act and react in any given situation since he is my own OC.

3419669 I fixed the ending of Ch. 11, so Duo was able to find out from his aunt luna about the signs he was to look for (the sonic rain boom).

3612353 dont spoil the story in the comments section, also... you told me that already in message

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