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I thought you guys would like a small update... · 11:36pm Apr 18th, 2012

... so here is it:

On my hands, I have the very, very rough, but complete draft of the seventh chapter of DoE... yeah, still kicking it. Its going to be ANOTHER 20k+ mammothic turd of post-apocalyptic action, profanity, witty character dialogue, a 100% original mutant this time, and... "bread". yeah, "bread" pretty much sums the whole thing. Now with 20% less extensive PDA entries.

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Man, I remember you from a while back. Found your story early, and was there for every update from then on. And you know, out of every single story I've read, yours was the only one that really stuck in my head. Best of luck to you in life, wherever you are now. Thanks for the writing you did while you were here.

You weren't been here for so long :fluttercry:...Miss your story updates, why when some new thing is appearing the author always go on hiatus, or change the story so much that it looses the originality.

will Living and thriving on an unfamilliar land for (most) humans update soon

63975 yeah, about that... I'm writing it bro, will take just a little while more. got delayed due to exams and stuff, pfft... :moustache: but don't sweat it Whooves, I've not given up on it yet... you just wait :pinkiecrazy:

Your the first person i followed, im your first follower...

and now im the first to comment on your user page :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

and your just 1 day younger then me, so with all that happening i hope new chapter of DoE gets out in a day or a week or so :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

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