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I like to cut things.... it's my hobby!!!


A thank you to my followers · 6:08am Apr 7th, 2015

Well to people that know me (which is no one on account of me being an anti-social prick) I'm not the one for this type of thing but Vladimus Von HakAndSlash went through my followers list for me to make this blog and it would be rather rude not to make the blog. So thank you to:

Vinyl Scratch289


Non-Brony Gamer


Music within us



Sheogorath The Mad God

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A quote that deserves a box of its own

~ I would rather have one follower who cares about who I am what I do. One follower who can see the time and effort I put into my stories and projects and worlds. That one follower means more to me then a million followers who don't give a rats ass about me or what I do. Because that one follower is not a follower he is a friend and in my realm he will allways be welcome ~Darker Shadows


i'm putting quotes on here for the hell of it

~don't worry don't be afraid - ever; because this is just a ride ~Bill Hicks

~the things you own end up owning you ~Tyler Durden

~happiness is only real when shared ~idk

~one day your life will flash before your eyes make sure it's worth watching~idk

~courage is not the absence of fear but the realisation of something better ~idk

~It is time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important ~Antoine de Saint Exupery

~Evil only appears to happen to the good because the ones who fell to the evil became evil themselves those who didn't
fall to evil were strong enough to erase the darkness from their heats and let their light shine though ~Mischievous Blue

~"War, apocalypes. What's the difference? They both change the world and claim millions of lives." ~Mischievous Blue

~The world is a cruel place but locking yourself away proves one thing, that they are right. The phrase innocent tell proven guilty is bullshit. In truth the world see all as guilty tell you prove you are innocent and by remanining silent you are proving nothing. ~Eternal shadows

Sufferer and Suffering

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Wonder what could have happened?


That’s probably not going to happen, given the fact that the person has been gone for almost two years now. :ajsleepy:

Slayer when you get on can you pm me. That would be really nice.

2281439 You have not spoke to me in a long time. Feel kind of forgotten about darhling.

Do you have any plans to write a story? I'm curious.

2264127 ? what do you mean?

So...... You writing?

2246954 what do you think of me, personality wise?

2245366 I found out there are some things stronger.

2245363 we walk this earth and we hurt for it no mater how much we try to stop it pain and misery always follow

2245350 in what sense do you mean love?

2236995 why must the world hurt?

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