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My lifelong dream is to marry a pretzel.

Well, hello there ! You seem to have stumbled across my page by accident !

Here's some really important things you should know about me. Here's some general information about me.

You can call me Lilly! I'm 17 years old and insane a really fun and normal person. My favourite colour is yellow. My favourite ponies are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, and Discord is best reformed villain. Belle is my favourite Disney princess and Iron Man is my favourite hero! I'm extremely obsessed with soft pretzels, and I made it my life goal to one day marry one. I like to draw, read, and write. I'm an active person, so I can't spend 24 hours on the internet... sadly. I'm an optimistic sloth who takes awkward selfies pretty much always. I love Disney, Marvel, The Walking Dead, Friends, MLP, Doctor Who, and Sherlock! So... yea, that's about it.

Thanks for putting up with me.

I love you.

The One With The Stories

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Aye, mentioned you in a blog without your permission. Hope you don't mind. If you do..well, good luck trying to sue me.

Let me just thank personally for following me :twilightsmile: Means alot :pinkiehappy: And your stories are amazing I know I told you this but you deserve to hear it twice :rainbowkiss:

keep up the good work!

1213642 That's because you are. :rainbowwild:
:pinkiegasp: dashie! put that tongue away before Nimbus does something bad to you!

Oh..,well that's fairly easy. I feel stupid

How do you decorate your page? I never knew how, though I never tried...anyways, you been kicking ass at putting up some really good fics lately

Well you can't know me if you've never met me before! And of course you haven't met me before! Well I guess you have because you commented on my page. But yeah. Nice to meet you!

Hello stranger. You seem interesting. The kinda person I'd call my bestie, but not, because you're not my bestie, because I don't know you. No I don't. What do you mean we wrote a fic together? No, you much be talking about someone else. Good day.

  • Viewing 2 - 11 of 11
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