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I'm just some 28-year old dude from Canada hoping to become a screenplay writer one day. That's all.


Never Giving Up · 2:44am May 26th, 2022

Apologizes in advance for the rant, I just need to get something off my chest. Some of you know this, some don't. For those of you that don't, my favorite show 'The Owl House' had it's third and final season cut down to three specials, barely making it a season anyone. All because Disney doesn't think it 'fits the Disney brand', which is total BS and we know it. Some of the higher ups are just homophobes. They proved that when they tried to cut the same-sex kiss scene in 'Lightyear' and briefly

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I read what about said about Spider-Man and how they should stop making misery the main point and I agree

Hey, thanks for the follow. Though, why? I haven't published anything too substantial in years now, so I'm very curious.

Thanks for the follow. :twilightsmile:

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