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Fandom Trash Snivy

Just your average Nine Inch Nails fan who occasionally writes horsewords and reviews.

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Welcome To My Profile!

Heya! This is Fandom Trash Snivy (formerly Abbeybunny13), and I am a pretty diverse person. Besides liking MLP and writing horsewords, I have quite a few other interests:

Favorite color: Green
Favorite candy: None (I dislike candy)
Favorite bands: Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Korn, Nirvana, Twenty One Pilots, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, In This Moment, Gorillaz, Evanescence, Green Day, etc. (as in, too many bands xD)
Favorite shows: SpongeBob, Littlest Pet Shop, The Loud House, Adventure Time, Steven Universe
Some more interesting things about me: I saw Weird Al last year in concert and went backstage to meet him. I am not as big of a fan as I was, but I don't completely dislike the guy. Also, I saw five concerts (Weird Al, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Disturbed, and Korn). I will see Twenty One Pilots next year.

Here's some pony-related interests:

Favorite character(s): Fluttershy, Aria Blaze, and Lemon Zest (I liked her before it was cool)
Least favorite character(s): Starlight Glimmer
Favorite season(s): Season two
Least favorite season: Either season three or season six (haven't seen six yet, but it looks pretty bad imo)
Favorite villain(s): Either Discord or Queen Chrysalis
Least favorite villain(s): Starlight Glimmer
Favorite episode(s): Pinkie Pride
Least favorite episode(s): The Mysterious Mare do Well, Dragon Quest, Spike at Your Service, Princess Spike

Fimfiction Goals
Follower-Related Goals
[x] Get five followers
[x] Get ten followers
[x] Get twenty-five followers
[x] Get fifty followers
[x] Get one hundred followers
[] Get one hundred fifty followers
[] Get two hundred followers

Story-Related Goals
[x] Get at least one hundred views on a story (several of my stories)
[x] Get at least five hundred views (The Electric Medley)
[x] Get at least one thousand views (Shine Again)
[x] Get at least one story featured in the Popular Stories list on the front page of the site (several of my stories)
[x] Get at least one story featured in the Featured Stories list on the front page of the site (Shine Again)

(goals will be constantly updated)


Short Bios


Cleaning House · 10:24pm Nov 5th, 2016

Oh boy, oh boy, look who's back!

Yes. I am Abbeybunny13 and I did just come out of a ten month hiatus here on Fimfiction. Here's some things that have happened/will happen:

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You got great taste in bands dude.

And she's gone again.


Just to say, I like your display picture. Awesome album. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much for the Favorite of Homecoming! :yay:

Thy favorite of Déjà Vu is much appreciated. Thank you.

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