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Hyped for the fourth movie? Movie already came out? Excited by what's to come? This is a group for you. It's up to the girls to save Camp Everfree before it closes down for good. Will they succeed?

Here, you can put your theories, your stories and your art and character favorites. As long as your story concerns the fourth movie, it's accepted.

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with the magic leaking by the end of the film, why do i get the feeling that its going to turn into a multiverse, cosmic horror film?

Is it possible to do post a story that has Sunset Shimmer learning how to swim while she is up at Camp Ever Free?

411265 Thank you! Good to see another Gravity Falls fan :yay:


Ahh! Gravity falls! Sorry XD I like your profile:derpytongue2:

Well, that was fast.

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