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Amrius Prime

My name has changed. But you can still call me "Fanficfinest12" if you want. Big fan of Transformers and MLP and also a follower of God and His teachings

Favorite Don Moen Songs

My Favorite Stan Bush Songs

Quote about life by myself

"Without knowledge, there is no wisdom. Without wisdom, there is no integrity. Without integrity, there is no life."



Peace and greetings upon all. Before you comment anything in my profile, You must follow and read these rules!

1. Try not to talk negative, be positive (Give constructive criticism)

2. Do not say words that are inappropriate or vulgar.

3. Do not write an offensive comment (No hate speech, please!)

4. Be kind and humble, don't be boastful about yourself.

5. Do not post inappropriate pictures

6. Anyone who tries to attack or say negative things about me, my religion or me as a Bot fan will be reported and will be blocked after a third chance.

7. Be friendly and have great respect. We are equal as one to respect differences and other people.

As of the rules above, there are consequences. You will get 3 chances of coming here. Anyone who tries to disobey one of my rules after the third warning will be blocked.

Read all of these rules before you comment!

Forgive me for my English.

Thank you.

About Myself

Greetings and peace be upon all, I've deleted the long version about me and concerning of religion, since people would not get interested or hate it. So I've just make my profile in a short version.

Name: Fanficfinest12/Fanfic-Of-Faith/FanFaith/Faithful Brony Bot

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Nationality: Malaysia

Occupation: Student

Likes: writing, gaining knowledge, video games (mostly I play Call of Duty and Transformers: FOC), kindness to the poor, friends (a bit), studying (sometimes), drawing (I'm getting use to it), respect, honesty, forgiveness, love, my parents, praying to God, love watching cartoons, making jokes (I'm bad at them, but I'll try my best) and quiet meditation

Dislikes: hate, racism, bullies, arrogance, ignorance, extremism, bigotry, cheating, bribery. dishonesty, anger, hypocrisy, disrespect, fighting, homework (a bit), noise, people losing their minds, alcohol, gambling

Fav Ponies: All of the Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer and Spike.

Fav Background Characters: Derpy Hooves, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, Vapor Trail, Sky Stinger

Fav EQG Background Characters: Starlight, Sweet Leaf, Frosty Orange, Mystery Mint, Tennis Match, Thunderbass and Captain Planet.

Fav EQG Characters: Sunset Shimmer, The Rainbooms, Wallflower Blush

Fav Mane 6 Parents: Night Light and Twilight Velvet, Bright McIntosh and Pear Butter (Buttercup) and Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles

Fav Transformers: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Perceptor, Grimlock and Dinobots

Fav Crossover: Transformers/MLP

OCs: I've already updated and created some of my OCs, but they are unfinished yet and I might consider changing their names and create their character profile.

Favorite MLP songs: I Have to Find A Way, Friends Can Change the World, Welcome to the Show, You're in My Head Like A Catchy Song, Invisble

Favorite Singers: Stan Bush, Phil Collins, Don Moen, Maher Zain. Puscifer, Backstreet Boys, Albert Hammond, Rachel Platten

Fav Movies: The Transformers The Movie (not the live action ones except for the first one and the fifth one, of course only the soundtrack), Equestria Girls, Star Wars, the MLP Movie.

Fav EQG specials: Dance Magic and Forgotten Friendship

Fav Series: G1 Transformers, Transformers Prime. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

My Fav Songs

Most Transformers G1 songs

Stan Bush - The Touch, Unstoppable, Your Time;
General Spectre -Nothin Gonna Stand In Our Way;
Puscifer - The Humbling River
Don Moen's songs
Maher Zain - Number One for Me, Guide Me All The Way
Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way, The Call, Drowning, Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely, Shape of My Heart
Savage Garden - Truly Hardly Deeply
Imagine Dragons - Demons
Albert Hammond - It Never Rains in California
Rachel Platten - Fight Song
John Farmham - Thunder in Your Heart
Ed Sheeran - Perfect

Fav Subjects: Accounting, Business Studies, Physics, ICT, Maths, Islamic Studies, History.

Fav Games: Transformers Fall of Cybertron, Call of Duty MW Remastered and Transformers Forged to Fight (still hate the live action films, but love the game)

Game Console Names: KingFighter21USA (PS4), KING-WARS-123 (PS3), KFighter021561 (Android, only for Forged to Fight)

YouTube Channel: KingFighter21USA 1511

A BIT MORE ABOUT MYSELF: I became a fan of MLP in April 2015, when I watched the episode "A Canterlot Wedding: Parts 1 and 2". Additionally, I became a fan of Transformers since 2009 when I watched Michael Bay's first Transformers, ROTF. I stopped becoming a fan of Transformers in 2014 when I focus on Disney Movies. But when I saw Fanfiction My Little Pony and Transformers, I left Disney and it brought me back to the Bots' fandom and made me think that I want to make a story of MLP and Transformers, because both are owned by Hasbro. At first, I used to like live action films of the Transformers. That however, I really stopped watching them because of the ratings and I have to admit, G1 Transformers was WAY better than Michael Scrap's laughingstock films, which is completely an insult not just to myself, but to all Transformers fans around the world including the Bronies who have watched Transformers. So yeah, that's how I came into a big fan of both Transformers and MLP

That's all about it. If you feel like you need any talk, alone or depressed, please do so and p.m me and I'll try and answer them immediately. I always love people come and talk to me. If you don't want to, that's fine with me. I just wanted to be patient that's all :)

Websites: Fanfic-Of-Faith, GreatOptimusPrime




Busy, Busy at University (Update on blogs) · 4:43pm Feb 20th, 2019

Hey guys. Faithful B.B here. It's midnight here in Malaysia. Been a month since I updated a blog on the New Year. Hope this year of 2019 will be great, God willing.

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About your 5th rule...

FimFiction's got you covered, my dude!

Comment posted by A Man Undercover deleted Jun 14th, 2020

I’d like to ask you something to absolutely recall something correctly.

Are you a Christian or Muslim?

Welcome to Schoolyard Romance!

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

I am so terrible, I've posted new chapters of New Generation for you to read! And I do hope I get to hear your thoughts on em? :twilightsheepish:

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