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Do you think that writing a fan fic is easy? It's not, it's hard work. This group is dedicated to the authors of FIM.

Mainly this group is for telling the tales behind various fan fictions and what inspired them.

How was an author able to relate so well to their characters? When did a writer first think of this story's premise? What methods were used when writing a particular fiction?

All of these questions and more are intended to be answered here in this group.

How it works

Add a new thread for every author and their fan fic, or multiple fics can go in one entry. As much as we would love a form entry for every fan fic, I don't think there's enough room.

What to write about

Well write what you had to do when you wrote your fan fic.

What were your influences and inspirations?

What did you have to research in order for something to be in your narrative? Did you have watch a movie? Read any books? Did you play any video games or a watch any certain MLP episodes? Did any other TV shows play a part in writing said fan fic?

How many times did you have rewatch, reread, or replay to get the correct and accurate details?

Were there any ideas that failed or drafts that were scrapped for whatever reason?

Write about that, and anything else you can.


1. Just like any other group, respect each other. No insults to other fics or authors YOU WILL BE REMOVED!!

2. Each Author gets one thread and every story can have one post in the thread, per author. I know it's not fair but it's the only way we could fit everyone in. However other threads are allowed if it has to do with the group itself.

3. None of this: "I read {insert fan fic title here} and I thought that was the worst fic ever! So I started to write because I could do better than that in my sleep." No! I don't care if it is the worst ever and nobody likes it. You don't get to do that, unless it is your own fan fic.

3. Please try to keep the details clean, so everyone can read it. However if you have to get down and dirty (Gore details or sex details).
Please put a warning under the post for the fic, so everybody knows.

4. Try not to complain or whine in your details, use it sparingly.

5. Folders are only for members, if you are a member and you would like a folder, please ask in the thread named folders for authors.

6. If needed other rules will be added.

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Um, is this group is active? Because I wouldn't mind posting about what inspired me for some of my stories.

I wrote one of my Fan Fics after watching one of my favorite Reactors comment in a video of the Season 5 Finale how he thought it would of been interesting for Twilight to have Nightmare Moon FIGHT Starlight Glimmer. so I used that in my main Fic i wrote. that and i missed Chrysalis, and wanted to see how Starlight GLimmer's quest for revenge had such a devestating effect on Equestria, Its like dominoes, one outcome can topple down and effect the next one. Without Twilight meeting her friends, there was nothing to stop the seperate villains from Achieving their desired goals.

404501 Well, why don't write a post about then? :ajsmug:

So... anyone wanna hear about why I wrote my stories?

We have some good tidbits from authors you might find interesting check them out in the forum, when you can :raritywink:

Sounds interesting

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