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Stories about families, friends, the past, the present, the future, the science of magic and the magic of science.


A new review of “Angels in the”!!! · 10:37pm February 24th

Hello friends,

Please check out this review by TerribleSpeller of my story Angels in the Snow.



Report Dafaddah · 24 views · Story: Angels in the Snow · #Twilight #Minuette #Lyra

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this is good news
here is also very well
just, I have a little cold

I’m doing well, “Consequences” made the featured box, and I’ve so far avoided catching the Covid19 virus! So, yeah, things are going pretty good with me. I hope the same is true for you and your family!

:pinkiehappy:you're welcome:pinkiesmile:
how are you ?:rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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I have been writing on FimFiction for over three years now, and have over three hundred and fifty thousand words of published stories, some in the general MLP universe, some universes of my own devising, and some set in the Conversion Bureau or Friendship is Optimal universes.

General MLPfim Works:
The Persistence of Memory (the origins of Equestria)
Outland (a story about Zecora in the Everfree)
Mush Story (A romantic comedy involving Twilight And first contact with humans. A sequel to TotallyNotaBrony's Tooth and Nail)
Alone (A horror story staring Twilight Sparkle)
Filial (A story about Spike, Twilight, Trixie and sea-ponies)
The Vacation Crew (Luna takes a vacation with the mane six)
The Good of the Many (Humans and Equestrians work together to avoid a disaster that could end both worlds - stars the LHC at CERN!)

The Optimalverse:
The Patient (Can a damaged soul climb out of Hell and find value in friendship and ponies?)

The Conversion Bureau universe(s):
Friendship is mADgic (parody/comedy- Twilight discovers advertising)
Space for Magic (a complete reset of TCB - a humanized Twilight Sparkle comes to warn humanity of the coming clash of universes.)
The Fall of Icarus (A slice-of-life tragedy)
A Newfoal Nöel (Orphan newfoals have a hard time adjusting to Equestria)
Attack of the Killer Muffins! (Parody, with some collab)
Mankind Triumphant - Relic (A dark story of possible insanity and redemption?)
Renaissance Pony (Humanity's influence in the development of pre-classical Equestria)

This last story is goes heavily into the history of Equestria, covers the period from just before the Hearth's Warming Eve era up to Luna's rebellion, and the main character is none other than Starswirl the Bearded, who (author makes a shameless grab for attention!) started life as Leonardo da Vinci.

The Elements of Ascension universe(s):
This Quiet Earth(Twilight Sparkle and Starswirl the Bearded finally meet!)


Dafaddah's Box of Chocolates (compendium of short bits, lyrics, contest entries, etc.)


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I joined the FimFiction community in order to discover if I could write fiction that others would enjoy, something I've wanted to do since I was a teenager over thirty years ago. Since I started this I think I've learned quite a lot, and a big part of it is from participation in groups with plenty of fellow authors sharing critiques, techniques and honest advice.
Name: Dafaddah
Age: 51 (yes, years!)
Nationality: Canadian
Notes: I am an avid fan of science fiction, history and cosmology, and (like a lot of others on this site) I want to end up publishing original work In the commercial media. I have many published articles of non-fiction - but that's work, not passion! I like creating characters, and I think my main strengths are characterization and plot creation (when you assume...). I also like to explore the science of magic and the magic of science, and the relations, parallels and differences between the philosophy, culture and psychology of Equestria and Earth.