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I'm a Canadian. "Nuff said. I am new to fan fics, and writing in general so be nice, but dont hesitate to critique. And that's it. Also Rainbow is best pony. That is all.


Updates on stuff- I am still here · 5:56am Sep 7th, 2012

Well, here I am again, making another apologetic blog post for taking so long. After a rather whirlwind summer (during which time I spent a month learning french in Quebec) I finally do believe I shall return to writing. I wish I could go faster, but a creative mood cant be forced I found. Usually I either need a really good idea, to be in a particullarily dark mood (big shock) and most benificially, both. I personally like writing best in winter when its dark and cold and sets the perfect mood

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Dude, still waiting. There wasn't a single update in all of last year.

594584 gasp! A fan? Yay! :rainbowkiss:
Sorry i havent updated in..a while :twilightblush: i know i should and feel bad i left the story like i did. I want to give it a proper ending which is why i still havent changed its status to "cancelled or hiatus". Worry not, another chapter will come, if only to properly end the story.

Hey man, I really liked I AM DEATH when I read it several months ago and am dismayed to see no further progress made on it. Please come back!:fluttershysad:

Wow, I didnt know anyone still payed attention to me, its been so long since I updated my stories. I wont really make any excuses for that, I've just not felt like writing. Still, I dont want to just end it where it is, so I havent "cancelled" it yet. I have ideas still, so hopefully I get the inspiration to write them.
Anyway, thanks for still following me, and letting me know someone still wants to see another chapter besides me.

Hey ravenwood sorry I didn't comment on your blog from way back in September, must have missed it.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm still paying attention to your channel, things on the site have been far to quite as of late and I know I hate that feeling so...yeah

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