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Hay! You like horses? Of course you do, why else would you be here? Do you like dumb Pathfinder rules (ab)use to achieve comedic ends? Well so do I! Have some pony related pathfinder shenanigans.

My Canon

So I've made a series of blog posts about headcanon that have proven to be more popular than some of my fics. Here they are in order.
When Canon Cracks
So Much Broken
And This is me Sober

Stuff Worth Reading

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age++ and TIL · 5:37pm Saturday

Some things are too obscure to broadly reference on the internet.

Also there's a picture of Apple Bloom swearing at the bottom of this post

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Fav. 'nuff said

So yeah. This fic is pretty much perfect. It's my example of how to write 3rd pony limited and Rainbow Dash. It's cute and sweet and fills Dash's personality out so well that I honestly don't understand why it isn't in ponyfic text books.

What? There are no text books? There should be, and this should be in them.


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They're Good Ships, Bront

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Did WaWS disappear? I can't seem to find it, and the only google results that are relevant are your Deviantart page with the cover image you drew way back when which says to come here for the story.

I am! Indeed, I even wrote a fic now.

Comment posted by Socks deleted January 25th
Comment posted by kits deleted October 21st
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