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Help! I punned too hard · 10:00pm February 25th

And now the rest of you can suffer too.

[15:59]Kits: Poly fic about Wallflower wanting an established Sunset x Pinkie couple to also date her. Title: Please Notice Me, Sunpie.

I'm kinda sorta sorry, but I also am not sorry enough to not encourage someone to write this.

Report kits · 71 views · #stupidity

Fav. 'nuff said

So yeah. This fic is pretty much perfect. It's my example of how to write 3rd pony limited and Rainbow Dash. It's cute and sweet and fills Dash's personality out so well that I honestly don't understand why it isn't in ponyfic text books.

What? There are no text books? There should be, and this should be in them.

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Did WaWS disappear? I can't seem to find it, and the only google results that are relevant are your Deviantart page with the cover image you drew way back when which says to come here for the story.

I am! Indeed, I even wrote a fic now.

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