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Exceprt · 1:20am October 22nd

An except from a draft of the C++ standard

union pony {       
  double celestia = 0.;       
  short luna;       // padded       
atomic<pony> princesses = ATOMIC_VAR_INIT({});       
bool party(pony desired) {       
  pony expected;       
  return princesses.compare_exchange_strong(expected, desired);       

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Fav. 'nuff said

So yeah. This fic is pretty much perfect. It's my example of how to write 3rd pony limited and Rainbow Dash. It's cute and sweet and fills Dash's personality out so well that I honestly don't understand why it isn't in ponyfic text books.

What? There are no text books? There should be, and this should be in them.

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I hope you're not too disappointed :<

You probably missed it because it went up on a wed in the middle of the day and didn't really make a splash.

1) I hope you enjoy A Thousand Roses when you read it!

2) You wrote a RariJack story recently and I didn't notice somehow. I don't know how, but I am going to read it forthwith. Seriously, how did I miss this? :raritydespair:

Did WaWS disappear? I can't seem to find it, and the only google results that are relevant are your Deviantart page with the cover image you drew way back when which says to come here for the story.

I am! Indeed, I even wrote a fic now.

Comment posted by insertfootinmouth deleted Jan 25th, 2017
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