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When Trixie re-re-re-etc-returns to Ponyville, the girls think it's just another lame revenge plot, but this time Trixie is serious. No really. It's not simple revenge she's after, although that would be nice too. No, Trixie has a much more sinister plan. She's going to wed the most magical princess in all the land. Also, Twilight finds out about Rainbow Dash's alter ego.

Written for June Pre-reader (and exes) battle, 2013

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Oh, sweet Celestia, Kits. You understand this is totally ridiculous, I'm sure, so I won't harp on that.

And also: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile::facehoof:

Seriously, you should write a Super Lesbian spinoff. Because, that's just comedy gold.

kits #2 · Jun 27th, 2013 · · 2 ·

I tried. Or rather, I just said "screw it, let the sleepy brain drive." Apparently lack of sleep and lack of oxygen (I took up running recently) combine to form ideas that should never have existed.

NTSTS #3 · Jun 27th, 2013 · · 1 ·

This is probably the wackiest interpretation of that prompt imaginable, so well-played in that regard.

I didn't bust up at any point during this, but the novelty of the conceits you used to make it humourous were definitely strong. The whole 'get it the joke is sex' thing was a bit much in several places, but my tolerance for that sort of stuff is kind of low. I imagine when this hits the public eye that it will do quite well.

There was some awkward construction and missing grammar stuff nearer to the beginning—I specifically remember a bit of dialogue interrupted with action by commas, rather than dashes—but overall the grammar and technical stuff was solid.

Indenting AND line-breaking made me uneasy though. :/

Awesome to see such a well put-together entry for the battle on such short notice. I think this one tells the neatest story in a compact fashion so far, though that's not to say I don't think it could do with a few spots of narrative superglue. Fantastic showing for a week's time though, so bravo on that.

kits #4 · Jun 27th, 2013 · · 1 ·


On the comma subject, I was under the impression that one could interrupt with commas. I know that Sanderson and Jordan do it (not that appeal to authority is iron clad), but I am probably missing some subtly that says it's okay to do that now.

The "joke is sex" stuff comes from me having no time. I'd rather be far more clever, but I wrote that last 4k of this on lunch break and while trying to feed kids. Running out of steam made me lazy.

I think I use both indenting and line breaking because of the way I read. I really wish Fimfic was a bit like DA in that indenting was controlled the same way line-height is. I like the blank line between paragraphs for spacing, and I like indenting because my eyes get drawn to the 'notch' when I speed read. I certainly wouldn't do it for print or anything.

I hope whoever's prompt I got isn't too put out I twisted it until it screamed.

Well this extremely odd. I was laughing my butt off.

Get it?

Runs away!

... would you believe I was rather hoping for something more serious, and you go and turn it into something that had me DYING at 5 a.m. right before work? AWESOME stuff!

I... I don't know what I expected...

I don' even... It's just... I mean.

Super lesbian...? I don't. You know what? I don't care, it was good!

Well done!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Truly befitting of that Random tag XD The Super Lesbian actually being a crucial part in the story? That was very well played!

... ... ...

That happened.

What, no [Comedy] tag? :rainbowhuh:

Enjoyable. Silly, but then aren't most of the really fun things? :twilightsmile:
Also, if anyone complains, they're just being ass-inine.
Don't let anyone try and make you the butt of their joke.
If they don't like it, they can butt out.
...I could keep going... but I probably should quit while I'm only a little behind.

It's not so much HAHAHA as it is just random.

Someone went and downvoted like the first eight comments. It's funny that this story can inspire such rage in those people.

Oh.:rainbowderp: On a m...moonless night.:pinkiecrazy:
Kits, you... YOU:rainbowlaugh:

This is absolutely ridiculous and I love it:pinkiehappy:
No boops only beeps?:pinkiesad2:

Ah well. It`s nice to see more writing stuff from you:twilightsheepish:
Oo! And you've updated multimediamanesix recently as well:rainbowkiss:

That's hilarious

I didn't like the Rarity micro comic all that much. It was just boring and tedious. It's definitely better than the previous two, which were little more than exercises in seeing how little quality is needed for bronies to shell out for pony crap. But Suited for Success it ain't.

I need to finish Lust and then I'm on art detail until BC. I'm going to be bringing originals, not prints, so I'll probably post scans on MMM6 too.

2790642 Eh, I liked the Rarity and Pinkie Pie ones a lot, the Twilight and Fluttershy ones were *okay* but kind of blah, and the Rainbow Dash one was *awful*. Did they do Applejack yet and it was just that forgettable?

I don't know about teh Applejack one. I guess it's still not done. The twilight one had awful art. Absolutely hideous. *I* could have done a better job ffs. Between that and the "bad fanfiction 101" Dash comic, I decided they really weren't worth anything. I checked out rarity simply because Price is awesome. The art was great, the story was meh. Probably because it was "Rarity (aka worst pony) interacts with a bunch of OCs".

I have not seen the Flutters or Pinkie ones. TBH, the last 4 of the main line annoyed me too. I'll get the next Price set because *Price*, but I don't think this last arc was worth much.

Oh. My. God. XD That was hilarious. XD

Author Interviewer


You need to shut up

This was fucking amazing and I love you


It has certainly made some people very mad. I seldom see systematic downvoting of *comments* for a fic.

She's simple never considered it worth noting before.
Don't you mean "She'd simply"?

Author Interviewer

Wow, yeah, that's kinda something.

Successful troll is successful? :V

Freaking hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: I will definitely be recommending this to friends.

You know, I've been looking for an example of absurd comedy done right on this site for a long time. And this is just hilarious.

This was absolutely the most stupid thing I have ever read, and I mean that in the best way possible.

If only more people fully embraced absurdity


...How have I not seen this before!? This was hilarious in all the right ways.

"So... I was saved from the fate of being married to the most obnoxious pony to every trot into ponyville by Super Lesbian?"

That nearly killed me.

Definetly crack comedy done right. I really enjoyed how you kept all the bizarre and hilariously random ideas smooth and working together.
Hee. ..Super Lesbian.

I don't know what's happening right now but I like it I think?

That... Wasn't what I expected, but I guess that's a good thing? x3
After things started getting silly, I just assumed Trixie had done something to everyone's memories, and/or they were dreaming (it'd be good payback, I feel, to use magic to make everyone remember romantic encounters that never happened)
Then they never seemed to wake up from the dream, and weird things kept happening.
And then the story ended, still without them waking up.

"So... I was saved from the fate of being married to the most obnoxious pony to ever trot into Ponyville by Super Lesbian?"

:rainbowlaugh: Best line ever!
This was recommended by a friend at Bronycon this year.:pinkiehappy:


I had no idea anyone really remembered this thing :3

It was very much worth reading, and I am thankful it was mentioned in the panel.

It was?!

Ugh. I kinda wish it was easier for em to travel. I really need to go to bronycon next year.

Twilight went silent and her eyes unfocused. Something wasn't adding up, but, given the day she'd had, it was quite possible the problem was entirely hers. Rarity hummed to herself as Twilight poured over their conversation. Needles, pins, thread, and small bits of fabric continued to be added to the ever mounting dress. After a few minutes, she could still make neither heads nor tails of it. "Rarity?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Why are you making Big Mac and Caramel dresses?"

Rarity looked askance at her, pins halting in midair. "Dear, they are getting married."

"No, I get that. I mean why dresses."

"Darling, I have been making dresses, gowns, and skirts since I was a filly. I am hardly going to stop now simply because my client happens to insist on being male."


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