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Not everyday is full of grand adventures or heart stopping drama. There's not always a heartfelt confession or harrowing inner journey to make a day stand out. Sometimes, no ancient evil tries to bend the world to its whims and no traveling con artists try to steal your punch. That doesn't mean that you and your special somepony love each other any less.

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Commence read.

Some cute Pinkie/Dash. Though kissing someone who has to keep flight does seem rather difficult.
Pinkie might have some self frosting cake ideas?

Looks interesting. Will read.

Well, this seems like a nice, heartwarming fic. Please, continue! :twilightsmile:


Horse kisses confirmed for the best kind of kisses.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

A sweet story by Kits filled with 'D'awww'? yes, please! :pinkiehappy:

There is harder. Like flying and bucking.

That's why slobber is everywhere :pinkiehappy:

she threw herself down the stairs

Don't do it, Pinkie, there'll be more kisses later! :rainbowkiss:

It's okay, she's springy. Not to mention "more cushion for the throwing yourself down stairs" thing.

I mentioned it! :pinkiegasp:

Short, lovely little piece of slice-of-life romance. Not every story needs to be a grand epic or the love story of a millennium, and this one delivers what it sets out to do. :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

My third favorite pairing? You have my full attention
:pinkiehappy: seriously very well written though I really enjoyed it. Thank you :ajsmug:

Huh. Copious feels, eh?

I may read, I have my own feels to write after all. Always a joy to see a story from you though, kits, you're probably the one author I don't feel jealous about.

>you're probably the one author I don't feel jealous about.
Not sure if compliment or backhanded insult :derpytongue2:

I dunno about "copious feels". It's a short scene from a world where those two kiss a lot. I can't write drabbles, so this is what I do instead.

Hurrah! A new fic with my OTP! This day may be salvageable after all!

Thanks Kits, it has everything I look for in a Pinkiedash story.

Soon the pegasuses

Son, I am disappoint:ajbemused:

While I'm not a fan of stories where the two mane characters are already in a relationship, I'll give this one a shot:twilightsmile:

Ewww. Characters making out without angsting. They haven't even saved the world today. How can you write something like this? :pinkiesick:

kits #19 · Jan 11th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Pinkie Pie POV

the title reminds me of this
"Black then white are all I see in my infancy.
red and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me"

This was just what I needed. Didn't even know I needed it. :trollestia:


It's a compliment, since I actually enjoy competing with authors like you. It's a constant race for Featured, just feels nice to have competition that still tries.

I'm fairly certain this isn't going to feature. No one seems to enjoy PinkieDash any more and it's really short. Now, if it was 1.5k of Twi and Dash having badly written sex with "humor", it'd be a sure thing.


Not like Pinkiedash? Blasphemy! In all seriousness, this was short and cute. Its nice to read something without all the angst sometimes. Even though I like Twidash, it seems to be the ship that gets the least criticism. Appledash? Usually gets called cliched and over done - and sometimes it is, but its still my favorite. Twidash seems to have the most fics dedicated to it, but no one ever complains about it being overdone, at least not that I've seen. Eh, anyway, rambling over. I enjoyed this, and look forward to wherever you take it next :pinkiehappy:

I've had this conversation with Tcher before. TwiDash has Twilight in it. You can do a lot more with her than AJ. AJ is the most stable of the characters, and the least characterized. She's far and away more "boring" than the other five. Just lacking magic, she has a lot less plotline potential than Twi. That's why there are 200+ TwiDash fics and people don't call it old, and <100 AppleDash fics but people call it repetitive.

For some reason, AppleDash seems to be the ship for people doing "OH NOES AM I GEHY?" too, which doesn't help.


Yeah, I can see the argument for that. I think Appledash has a lot of potential for adventure/romance stories because the two of them would work well together doing actiony stuff, but there aren't too many fics like that out there. As for Applejack being boring - I can kind of see that, but for some reason I find the most boring character to read about is Fluttershy a lot of the time. I think that's just personal, though. Maybe because she's so nice that there's not really any conflict? I think every major ship has its cliches that a certain majority of fics fall into - PinkieDash has Pinkie being kinda stalkery, or at least pining after Dash. Appledash has the whole Applejack angsting over her family finding out she's gay, and Twidash has Twilight being completely oblivious to any and all romantic advances. And any Dash ship that pairs her with one of the Mane 6 can be at risk of the whole "Dash is gay" drama. In the end its all down to personal choice, I guess. Now Raridash - that's a ship that hasn't been too hashed out, yet, and that I find surprisingly enjoyable. Ship all the ponies! :derpytongue2:


You at least put effort into it, right?

Yes. It's been brewing in my head for a fews days. Usually, I just draw stuff, but the picture demanded more.

This is good story. If you write more chapters i will read them, because I think it's a good story.


Then that's it. I like competing against authors who actually try and produce good stories. Makes winning all the more enjoyable, and losing less of a sting and more of an acknowledgement of another's skill.

Her eyes scanned the sky even as her ears twitched, listening for the buzzer than would mean her break was over.

Found one.

Short and sweet, though I'm hoping you can get rid of the 'short'

Author Interviewer

Well that was cute. :D And just a bit sexual in the buildup.

One thing I want to comment on: the part where Pinkie compares Rainbow's movements to Thunderlane's and Blossomforth's. I think we need a lot more of that in this fandom. So many of the ponies do things that we're not familiar with, like flying or using magic, that when we sit down to simply write about them and describe them, the end result falls short of actually being descriptive. You can't say "it was like X" when we really have no basis to know what X is like.

But when you say, "it was unlike X, which was Y, and it was unlike A, which was B", when you describe it in terms of comparison to others doing the same thing, with just a hint of what makes those things different, you get a much more reasonable scene that allows the imagination to fill in the gaps, while providing enough of a foundation for it to be able to do so.


Well, this is certainly different from the fic that you got my attention with. Not saying it's bad, not at all. I really enjoyed this, short and sweet. Only complaint is that it's too short.

P.S. The fic that got my attention was none other than Goddammit Pinkie Pie, that fic is art.

FWIW, the "plan" with this is to, if I can;t make progress on my other fics, to write shorts here. All of them would be similar in length and "depth" to this. Just SoL segments of PinkieDash.

I was struggling so hard to get something across that described the liquid grace, but total "I just want to get done" I imagine Dash has when working. It's so damned hard sometimes. Your comment was too big. I had to stop and wait a few minutes to digest it before continuing.

Cool story bro. :pinkiesmile:

I always love a nice, uncomplicated shippy story.

And I didn't even see that this was incomplete. Another nice surprise!

It's incomplete as this is going to be a series of small SoL segments

1942757 I second this. :moustache:

I'm a Flutterdash myself <<< but this was really cute.

Flutterdash can be very fun. If I wasn't is the middle of at least 3 projects, I'd start on a short-ish one I had ideas for.

You have to contuie this its juicy :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

You write Pinkie well.


The intent of this "story" is to be sort of a collection of short interludes. If I am able, I may string them together in a rough story, but chapter 2 would not "pick up" where this one ended.

That was a nice little slice of life story, Kits. Nice to see something like that, considering most of stories here revolve around ponies getting together rather than being together. Looking forward to the next installment. :pinkiesmile:

And RainbowPie is the best ship forever. ^^

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