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Rainbow Dash is happily reading the latest Daring Do novel, only to be interrupted just before the last chapter by the untimely arrival of Pinkie. Undeterred by the interruption the two decide to read it together. Dash discovers then, that sharing your passion with a friend can lead to something more...
Now with audio version here by the awesome guys of Reading Rainboom.

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That's was great, i haven't had a PinkieDash story in like FOREVER. There are a couple of missing letters throughout the story, but i was to cut up in the story to write them down :twilightsheepish: sorry.

It's an awesome idea, as i read it, i couldn't help but think, i wish the story was longer and began earlier, so you could follow Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash's realationship through the whole book, maybe have some ups and downs of there friendship, but then with that, brilliant and funny ending, i realized that you wrote it just right. Great job :ajsmug:

Thoughts prior to reading: A slice of life romance? This is relevant to my interests. Let us see which direction it takes.

Aaaaaaaand I just realised it's 7000 words. Not gonna be able to finish this on my break... :fluttershbad:

I'll get back to this. But the first thing I noticed is that the story within your story likes to change tenses. First it's "There she was" and "there stood the thing" then it's "There is a friend to save" and whatnot. Might want to fix that up.

Who we Are by Kits contains a bit of RainbowPie and it's very good and recent. You should try that. Also, thanks :twilightblush:

Many many many typos and missing words, but a lovely story.


Thank you for the recommendation, it was awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Hah! Twilight's a shipper, nice story.

A bit wordy, but I enjoyed this a lot. Pinkie Pie is so cute! :rainbowkiss:


I really liked this alot. Nice to see that kinda interaction with RainbowPie (or PinkieDash). Twas adorable.

I do not think you mean "consuming their passion" which means to eat but "consummating their passion".

Most excellent! As Turnip pointed out, there were a lot of little errors and typos, but this was simply very cute. I hadn't yet considered how these two might read together, so thanks for showing me yet another way in which PinkieDash is the greatest ship ever. :pinkiehappy:

made me laugh really hard! honest!

anyway regarding the story, it was a bit short on the romance, it was a pretty decent idea and it was pretty cute, but i'm not sure what i really feel towards twilight writing it for them... in a way it's a plus but in another way it's also a minus... maybe also a bit unnecessarily long :)

I knew that Twilight is secretly the puppet master around ponyville! Great story.

The ending bit with Twilight seemed a little tacky, even with the lampshading, but on the whole this story was cute and effective.


I'm gonna use that as a pickup like the next time I'm out on the town.

4586568 Do it! Do it! Do iiiit! :pinkiehappy:

“I can’t believe Lyra had the books the whole time because some dragon forgot my checklist for books lend to friends…” she glares at him, disgruntled.

Holy shot it's lyra!

One of the best background ponies

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