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Growing up with books, Spike has always been a fan of the critically acclaimed Daring Do series. But after finding himself stuck in one of the novels, Spike must find a way to survive in a foreign, daring land filled with mysteries and adventure. Back in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash finds familiarity in a draconian character from the newest Daring Do installment.

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This is just something I randomly wrote on my cellular device. Spike's Rainbow Dash is first priority, of course. Oh, and, yes, Spike's Rainbow Dash narrator's goofy cousin is narrating Spike's Daring Do.


it's good but i would like to see more:moustache:

Spike stuck in a Daring Do book that Rainbow Dash is reading?

This is very well written, please write more. I can't wait for RD's reaction when it's Spike in the book and not her! :rainbowkiss:

Five mustaches for you. :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Oh yay another story, the concept is similar to that of Spike's Rainbow Dash in the sense Daring and RD are mirror images... :yay: This could be very interesting :twilightsmile:


Awesome gif!
Thanks, my friend. I am glad you enjoyed it, even it was a short beginning. :)
Spike x Daring Do ship, Anypony? Mwahahahahaha!:moustache:

So let me get this straight:Spike gets sucked in to a 'Daring Do' book somehow,Rainbow is reading that book and Twilight doesn't know any of this.Am I right so far ?

That's the way it goes. :)

You had me interested at 'Daring Do'. :pinkiehappy: MORE CHAPTERS!

1180916 When you're finished with Spike's Rainbow Dash and this story,I'll be waiting for:Spike's Insane Rainbow Dash's twin sister.

How about: "Spike's Rainbow Do"? Hahaha! I got a better one: "Spike's Daring Dash"!

Now this is a good idea. i'm gonna have to keep my eyes on you.:derpyderp2:

1180726 that pic looks wrong to me

1180945 (in perverted voice) I'm whatching yoouuu :derpytongue2:

MOAR! MOAR! MOAR! :flutterrage::twilightangry2::derpyderp1::pinkiecrazy::flutterrage::twilightangry2::derpyderp1::pinkiecrazy:

I'm reading this as Spike having written a self-insert fanfic that Rainbow happened to discover. :rainbowwild: :moustache:

Literally just looked at it and said"meh". seen the author thought of previous fanfic tried this one now. afterwards said"more. more!:flutterrage:MORE!:flutterrage:MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!":flutterrage:

How long do you think it will be before Rainbow Dash notices the similarties in the book and finds out what happened to Spike? :rainbowlaugh:

YES! FOLLOWING!:heart::heart::yay:

The amount of likes I've recieved for this insert is surprising. Thanks, fellow Bronies! Your support brings a smile to my face!

aww yah! :rainbowdetermined2:

This is going to be good!

Hold up, Malla, slow your roll....a Spike and Daring Doo fic...maybe? Really? Shit.....you can count me IN! Love how Rainbow does not even know about Spike being trapped in a story, and how did he get trapped in it as well?

At first I thought this was a fanfic of a fanfic of Spike's Rainbow Dash, only to be surprised that you're the same person, it's no wonder this got featured so quickly while it's only a prologue. Wow another Daring Do story that I'm going to enjoy, now if only the Daring Do fanfic that I've been reading gets featured as well, then my day will be made. :)

Aren't you on a roll? Keep em coming, as long as you don't burn yourself out. Don't want that happening.

This, will be awesome and hilarious, much like it's inspiration. The real question is... How will Spike make sure a relationship with a character bound to a book hold when he finds his way back to Ponyville? Or how Dash will respond, jealousy? Acceptance? Will Spike have to pick between two mares?

1181472 'Cause of that green pony behind Dash?

So I go into my 'read laters', and click on Spike's Rainbow Dash, looking for another update as I do every night. I don't see one. "Dang," I say to myself. "Oh well, he's bound to have one out soon." But As I'm about to close out of FIMfiction, something at the top of the page catches my eye. "Could it be? It is! Another Mallajong story!!" (insert angel choir singing high pitched note here.)
= = = = =
Your skills never fail to impress my good sir. May I offer a celebratory brohoof?

Spike will find out himself as to how he ended up in story. Thanks for your comment, my friend. I laughed aloud.
No worries, fellow reader. There are no plans in my log to burn out. More like burn with a passion for writing and entertaining!
Did the story get featured? Oh, wow. Thanks for the comment. A fanfic of my fanfic would be pretty awesome, though. Hahaha.
I am contemplating on a Spike x Daring Do ship fanfiction. Rainbow Dash entering the fray? Hmmmm....
A new chapter of Spike's Rainbow Dash is coming soon, my friend. VERY SOON. Thank you for the comment. I laughed pretty hard at the choir singing bit. Haha. :) And a "brohoof" back to you, sir.

1184646 True that and glad I was able to give you a well deserved sense of humor for a second:rainbowlaugh:

1180871 *Slaps you across the face with a fish* NO SHIPPING FOR YOU!


>1184646 Marelaysia ?

OH MY GOD THAT"S MY COUNTRY !!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesmile: :rainbowwild: :rainbowlaugh: :yay:

1184466 No, that's what makes me laugh...

I've been to Malaysia! The peoples there are so nice and helpful. A very beautiful and wonderful place to stop in. I stopped by on my way to Singapore from Thailand. I had actually lost my passport in Malaysia for a day, but I ended up finding it again at a random cafeteria in the middle of the country! Haha! Lucky Garden Cafe, I believe it was called. :)

Now Spike, remember: you're in a story now, and you know you're in a story. Remember that there is a fourth wall. Whether or not you choose to obey it is your choice. Also, remember to mention something to Pinkie. She's got good relations with the guys up top; they'll make sure you get outta there in due time. So long as the plot calls for it, of course. :pinkiecrazy:

I like it a few questions dragons are reptilian they can't sweat plus Plus wasn't it shown that that lava won't burn him?

You are so right! Haha! I'll just say "Spike's found himself in an entirely different reality where the laws of Equestria no longer affect him." Yup, that's my way out. I will have to address it later. Thanks for the comment.

Hey, I didn't see Daring Doo as a tagged character. Is Spike gonna encounter her along his adventures inside the novel:rainbowhuh:

I do not believe there is a Daring Do tag.

well this is going to be interring:derpytongue2: i love to see where this is going this is one thing i need to ask
Dose Twilight know that Spike is in a book?


Yes there is. Right between Fancypants and Flim and Flam on the character search.

Honestly, if there's a tag for Rumble of all ponies, there has to be one for DD.

And please, don't let this story fall by the wayside. Stories with unique plots always suffer the most when they aren't finished.

Just spotting the premise was enough for me to give this story a read.
And of course, it doesn't disappoint. The descriptions of these different scenes is just wonderful, as well as the choice of words.
Obviously there are many questions that are to be answered in the rest of the fiction. And I'll be looking forward it.
Thumbs up!

1185949 Just needed to confirm it, that's all:twilightblush:


Invisible Wonderbolts.

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