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i'm a simple brony who enjoys interesting, funny, and heartwarming fimfiction. i watch the show every day and always have a mlp fim song stuck in my head.


Sorry · 1:37am Jul 28th, 2012

Sorry for the long pause between chapters of Vinyl and Octavia meet Bea. I ran into some writer's block but I will try to write the chapter soon. again...sorry........I'm starting to sound like Fluttershy aren't I?

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Thx for the fav have a heart:pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for the favourite :pinkiehappy:. You were first on that story so: 'Yay'. Big thanks :pinkiehappy:.

you're an awesome writer. can't wait for part three of the vinyl tavi trilogy!

love your work keep it up:twilightsmile:

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