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Please Don't Neglect Your Friends or Run Away From Them Like I Did · 5:54am Jun 5th, 2017

It's been about a month now since the break up between Redskin and the co-writers, Redskin giving his story just so they can write story their way without him, and Redskin leaving fimfiction forever... a month where I got involved with this incident and try to be the middle man or hold some sort of middle ground wanting for both sides to work out a more favorable compromise but... left before doing anything... And to make things worse, during the few times I was here on the internet Redskin and

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I think I might post the next chapter tonight or tomorrow soon. While the chapter's mostly done, I just need a title now.

Any plans to finish up or continue Harmonious Stronghold anytime soon?

:pinkiegasp: - WOW, Twi! Remember when you first published that sluggish abomination called Awards of the Heart? Seems one of the original readers decided to try and remember what the heck it was after four years!

:twilightoops: - ... usually I would have some argument prepared regarding Pinkie's exaggerated commentary, but... she's right. Hello Red Bomber, so glad you're back to see what the heck happened with my story from so many years ago.

:pinkiesmile: - As in the 28th of November, a la 2012. Having said that, that was a good year for ponies AND pony associated works!

:twilightsmile: - Very true, Pinkie! Amazing publications such as ... well, most notably Eternal by device heretic came out that year. It was an incredible time for pony stories, to be sure!

:pinkiehappy: - So how many of those publications conceived around the same time as yours were completed YEARS AGO? This interesting concept of yours - based on an episode from four years ago, which eventually canon touched at and subsequently ruined because Spike is stupid - is still hovering in the unfinished abyss! WHY??

:twilightblush: - Uh, I HAVE published other stories in-between chapter updates for Awards, yannow. Once in a while, you get moved to write something else to take the pressure off.

:pinkiesmile: - So you're lacking commitment? That's fine, I can accept that.

:twilightoops: - NO no, Pinkie! The problem is that I am TOO committed to the idea, and it makes me rewrite and redesign my original work when there were no problems to begin with! I guess I just... I have had other ideas to address in the meanwhile, which has allowed me to devote proper time to the importance of ... uh, the story we're talking about.

:pinkiehappy: - Having said that, in almost five years Awards of the Heart has had all of 4,000 reads. If I calculate the numbers, I doubt that anyone REALLY cares what happens next. So why bother writing anymore?

:twilightsmile: - I care. I love Spike, and I love this idea. If anyone wants to join me in finding out what happens next, I'm happy to welcome them along.

:pinkiegasp: - WOW! An answer that actually makes me believe in your creative passion! I AM IMPRESSED!

:facehoof: - ... no, you're not.

:pinkiesmile: - Yeah, I don't care much. Nice seeing you and following you, Red Bomber! Be good, and be well!

:fluttershysad: - ... I have a good chunk of appearance in this story, so I'm happy. More than Rarity, anyway.

:raritywink: - Except that I'm the catalyst, darling!

:fluttershysad: - ... oh, I'm sorry. I should have mentioned that you'd psychologically hurt Spike enough to purpetrate this entire parable.




Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for reading it.

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