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The animation in chapter 2 *spoiler*

This very, very, VERY impressive animation is featured in the second chapter. I spent who knows how many minutes gawking at this, unbelieving my eyes. This is probaly the closest Rosy will match a show-authentic pony. Again, huge thanks to TimeImpact for this incredible animation that begs us to give her a hug and tell that it's not so at all bad to be a female pony . . . It's not bad, right?

Look into the mirror...

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Don't worry. I was worried you might interpret it that way.

Well, okay.
Sorry for being a bit curtish.

No no. Has nothing to do with popularity. I'm just saying that with so many followers I still get no attention in my blogs and the like.

With only half of that, I suppose that's to make me feel better? Besides, I don't care for the popularity contest.

How do you think I feel? I have 1,094 followers

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Link to art gallery

For a reason yet unclear to me, Fimfiction does not display the art gallery I've hosted on Imgur. However, the link to does still work. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Chapter ready; illustration desired. · 11:25am November 23rd

Anyone want to lend their skills? I'd be most appreciative!

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