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The animation in chapter 2 *spoiler*

This very, very, VERY impressive animation is featured in the second chapter. I spent who knows how many minutes gawking at this, unbelieving my eyes. This is probaly the closest Rosy will match a show-authentic pony. Again, huge thanks to TimeImpact for this incredible animation that begs us to give her a hug and tell that it's not so at all bad to be a female pony . . . It's not bad, right?

Look into the mirror...

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Some of the links had expired, for some reason. Anyhow, fixed all of that now!

thats great.
have a good sleep.

I'll get to inspecting those chaters after a night's rest. Doing it now, at 1 AM, would possibly lead to subpar results caused by sleep deprivation. Worry not, though, I am motivated to fix any and all broken images I discover!

i am quickly scrolling thru the fic
the last pic on Touch And Go is broken
all of Mixing It Up and two tired too tired, pics are broken

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Art Gallery

Link to art gallery

For a reason yet unclear to me, Fimfiction does not display the art gallery I've hosted on Imgur. However, the link to does still work. Sorry for the inconvenience.


A short chapter update blog post thingy. · 2:44pm Dec 21st, 2019

Chapter 24.
Start date: 30th of April.
Finish date: 3rd of November, submitted for editing on the 10th.
Word count (subject to change): 9116

Chapter 25.
Start date: 15th of December.
Finish date: 20th of December.
Word count (subject to change): 7304

Seriously contemplating starting chapter 26 already...

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