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Commissions are now... open? · 7:15pm Nov 25th, 2014

It's no great secret that the author known as Seven Fates is unemployed. He certainly whines enough about how he can't get a break. In fact, the only income he has at all comes from bottle/can reclamation deposit—since he and his family greatly enjoys beverages of a carbonated sort—and a low-income tax credit that he receives from the province every fiscal quarter. Now, as some of you realize, reading this, he doesn't have a lot of money to spend. With the holidays coming up, Seven would especially like a bit of extra spending money... and to stop talking in the third person.

That's where you come in. Starting today, I will be taking writing commissions.

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I miss your Blouse Unbuttoned story! It was legit awesome stuff!! T_T

*Hugs* Hope things are well with you!

Eyyy! Follower 1000! Keep up the great work you do on your stories.

2342964 Gotten a bit sidetracked by things [read games(Gott im Himmel, people have gotten me into a few MOBAs and I'm actually enjoying myself)], but around half of the chapter is finished as it stands. Just too short for me to post as is.

So how's the next chapter coming along? Getting a taste of this story again after so long has reignited by thirst for more.

  • Viewing 156 - 160 of 160
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I'm not dead [again]+ Re: Chapter Status: Alchemist and the Mirror · 4:48pm Last Tuesday

So, as many of you are aware, back in March I released a status update for the twelfth chapter of the Alchemist and the Mirror. During that update, I pointed out that the chapter was sitting at 2.3k words and that I'd completed the first section. A lot of stuff came up in life to derail my writing train since then. Student loan applications, twelve month anniversary check-up for my transition [Hormonally, I'm a normal woman as of last blood work!], summer heat, and a number of small mental break downs on top of the regular distractions of anime, videogames, and reading other fanfiction.

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