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That girl that writes things you may or may not read. TG stuff, probably. Avatar of my batpony Evening Script by baladeAdvent.

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Commissions are now... open? · 7:15pm Nov 25th, 2014

It's no great secret that the author known as Seven Fates is unemployed. He certainly whines enough about how he can't get a break. In fact, the only income he has at all comes from bottle/can reclamation deposit—since he and his family greatly enjoys beverages of a carbonated sort—and a low-income tax credit that he receives from the province every fiscal quarter. Now, as some of you realize, reading this, he doesn't have a lot of money to spend. With the holidays coming up, Seven would

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its Dead jim
Honestly I have a feeling its gonna get canceled sense it hasn't been updated sense October of 2016 so nearly 3 years now with next to no information about their other works either.

Would have loved to write a review on it but considering that partial work doesn't even make it to my Critic and Review Document. litterally what I named the thing and haven't bothered to correct the typo XD. But reviewing or even trying to write a critic and a review of a partial work is a pain in the ass cause you got to assume A LOT about the direction and potential conclusions of which depending on how the story has panned out so far for a few stories that are now dead and haven't been even updated sense 2012 by some other writers and multi book series like button mashed and that from what I have read so far in my memory from almost 3 years ago from the last chapter can go A LOT of different outcomes.

Need less to say Uncertainty in regards to outcomes in stories doesn't bode well for reviewers as assuming what the writer in-tells can go haywire FAST depending on how large the world is what the writing style is like.

So how’s A Blouse Unbuttoned coming along?

So how’s A Blouse Unbuttoned coming along?

Mostly the fact that you rekindled my interest in finishing DMC4, and watching Boruto. Given how picky I am about grammar in what I read, you should be quite pleased to have not driven me off with the overly frequent homophone confusion. ;)

I've always found it humorous that you implemented a character named Credo when Credo was the name of Nero's adoptive brother. Was that intentional, or an unintended coincidence?

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Re: Chapter 17 · 6:21pm November 19th

No, I hadn’t forgotten, but I have some explaining to do regardless.

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