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This story is a sequel to My Little Alicorn

After the events of "My Little Alicorn," everything seemed to be back to normal...except for one pony. Prince Blueblood is now trapped as a colt, his title, possessions and birthright stripped for his crimes. Before Princess Celestia will return him to normal, however, he must prove himself by attending Magic Kindergarten. Even worse, his current situation has attracted the vengeful gaze of two ponies he has offended in the past: the Captain of the Royal Guard and the Moon Princess.

Will Blueblood rise above his past self and emerge a better pony? Or will he sink back into his old depravity, and be stuck a colt for the long term?

Note: This is a sequel to "My Little Alicorn," so you might want to check that out first.

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Just to reiterate: This is a sequel to "My Little Alicorn." THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

So yeah, this is the terrible start to this horrible tale. Just some groundwork for the next couple chapters.

This one also won't be anywhere near as long as "My Little Alicorn," so that's good.


You have my thumb and favorite just for the idea. I will read soon.

"one white and the other a pink shade of lavender. The third was a yellow pegasus"
This seems fishy
I know what you're up to.

To be honest, not my first choice as a sequel to My Little Alicorn, but I'll still give it a read later.

"His joins shook as Miss Brightly ushered him inside. It took his fear of his aunts to finally get him inside."
I believe that should be joints, not joins

"Shame I wasn’t there when you finally threw that jerk Blueblood out on his ear.”
his rear. right?

This was pretty entertaining. I can't wait to see what happens especially since Lofty recognizes Blueblood. Oh also...
"In fact, this might be my key to stardom in this school! Just like before, I’ll have a filly on each leg, and…"
I don't even want to think about that.....

Oooohh.... This is gonna be GOOD :raritystarry:


"Throwing someone out on their ear" is an actual phrase. It means the same as grabbing someone by the scruff of their neck; they just got violently ejected from the place.

This sounds amusing i'll give it a read when i wake up tommorow :twilightsmile:

It's been posted! And...Leon...has already made an enemy in magic kindergarten! What could be better?!:pinkiehappy:

Wait! I know! The fact this is a sequel to My Little Alicorn! Bonus!!!!:twilightsmile:


Oh, this is going to be good. :pinkiehappy:

Shining Armor's reaction seemed a little over-the-top. Given what a nice guy he seemed on the show, it feels a little out-of-character. But then again, we only got to see him for one episode, which took place during a very special occasion for him (not to mention he spent at least ninety percent of his screen-time under mind control), I guess his characterization is really up in the air. On the other hand, I kind of wonder what'll happen if (or when) he learns the role Twilight played in the whole affair and how Blueblood treated her. Things could get pretty darn ugly.:twilightoops:

I look forward to this story. We've all seen how much of a jerk Blueblood is, his nasty snobby uptight reputation furthered by other stories around the site and of your recent one I finished which this is the sequel to.

It will be nice to read about him learning a bit of humility and perhaps change his ways. If Lofty, the pegasus guards and/or Luna herself don't launch him to the moon :pinkiehappy:


Oooooooohhhhhhh. Gotcha. I suppose I could have turned to Google for that but....
Thank you for clarifying that. :twilightblush:

im loveing it so far keep up the good work :pinkiecrazy:

This pleases me, and for once I hope things go well for BB, Despite my Natural and very much seething disdain for the vile, thick headed, flank for brains colt.:twilightsmile::twilightangry2:

What do you mean it won't be as long?

EQD tags= "Totally unnecessary"
Screw that! This is necessary!!

Heh. Running into Lofty on his first day...

Laser Guided Karma!!!!

Luna's giving off a slightly different vibe.

Apart from that, no complaints.:twilightsmile:

I actualy thought blueblood was going to get lucky for once and this chapter was going to end on a positive note...Then I read the last sentence. :facehoof:

Yay the sequel is here! Been looking forward to this.

I sense BB being bullied/getting his flank kicked by Lofty XD;
I hope he stays a colt =D

Hah! As soon as the kindergarten was described as being near the castle I knew that Lofty was going to show up!

By the "totally unnecessary sequel" I assume you're poking fun at your fans because we kept saying we would like a sequel? :trollestia::trollestia:

Anyway, I'll read later when I'm out of class. :ajsmug:

Does anyone know why my replies seem to show up as numbers?

Hurra! I was hoping that he'd be going to school with Lofty! :rainbowdetermined2: I liked the pent up anger Shining had in regards to Blueblood and how the prince had treated Cadence.

Glad to see a sequel to My Little Alicorn. :twilightsmile:

Idea for a chapter. Blueblood would have been foalnapped by none other than the Great and Powerful Trixie while arrogantly running away.
Trixie tires to undo the spell for the sole purpose of proving her superiority of Twilight Sparkle but instead both curses afflict her as well. When found it is decided the best punishment for them would be each other and now the two have to stay together while still proving themselves.

Did you do this cause people Requested it or cause you feelt like doing this sequel? or a little bit of both?

realy can't wait for the next chapter i want more! =D

ZOMG LOFTY!?:pinkiegasp:

I kinda hope $#!T-for-brains BlueBlood isn't a TOTAL moron so we get a happy ending...:fluttercry:

If not, it'll be fun to watch his utter failure and ultimate punishment unfold.:trollestia:

I get the feeling that he's going to go to the opposite extreme of selfishness and start believing that doesn't deserve friends and wants to just leave Equestria forever. So it will fall to someone close to scold/comfort him

I really can't wait to see what you do to Blueblood. It looks like you have a definite plan though... I really loved your first series, and the sequel looks like it will be awesome! :ajsmug:

I think I'm one of the few MLP fans who actually actively look for Blueblood stories :derpytongue2:

Is this taking place before Shining Armor and Cadance get married? I seems like it from the off handed comments about their relationship from Shining armor and Celestia.

Also, My Little Alicorn sequel!!!:pinkiegasp: (insert fanboy squee here):pinkiehappy:

Oh man. Shinging Armor would KILL Blueblood if he heard what he wanted to do to Ponyville. But who or what was on his bookbag?

This is not a terrible start to a horrible tail. It is a great start for an awesome tail!

I felt sad at the end of Alicorn. Then I saw an update on EQD and got confused, saw "Story 2," and confused my parents with a sudden cheer out loud.

Hmm you used Leon for code name...is that any indication that "Leon" will become his new indenity, and magicall he'll sprout wings and become a true prince?

This is gonna be awesome. I new Lofty would turn up sooner or later.
Keep up the amazing work.

Woohoo! :twilightsmile: A sequel to one of my favorite stories, awesome! Looking forward to the next chapter, got to say I'm really torn between staying angry at Blueblood and hoping that he actually changes for the better. And now Lofty's back?! 'Dis gonna be good! :yay:

"A terrible start to a horrible tale"? What you talkin bout Author? I loved MLA and I can tell I'm gonna love this.
Come on Shining, you're Captain of the Guard. Even though Blueblood is a whiny good for nothing (insert insult here), ya don't like that about anyone in front of their aunt.
It's funny that Lofty instantly recognized him. Yay Lofty!

Is sounds like they are $GenericSuperhero saddlebags.

Although, with that name I would have expected her to either be green or to have a dark pelt and a long green mane and tail.

531245 That sounds like it makes sence.

I probably would of have gone for Impalement.:twilightblush:

But then I view traitors as less than scum.:twilightangry2:

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