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A published, rookie author with a love of ponies.Be warned, my fics tend to be nucking futz.


So, you know that job I was trying to get to improve my situation? · 3:55pm Sep 17th, 2013



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2286845 si si mi amigo.

...why am I speaking spanish?

Er...For Equestria and the GDF! Defenders of Holy Terra!

Thanks for the watch!

Ave Imperator!

For Equestria!

1878281 They're both assholes, far more than I recall in the anime[Jessie's always been hateful and vain, but I don't recal Meoth being this spiteful]


Meowth is a douchebag.

I would say Jessie is worse.

1862440 not much to comment on except that it's a great story and I hope to see mroe of it.

Also, Meowth is a douchebag.

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Pony pics and KM stuff!

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to do with this, so I'll just add links to images I like or anything related to my novels, the 'KriegsMaiden' series.

Be well, and blessed be, brethren of the pony!

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