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For almost a thousand years, the immortal Nightmare Moon has reigned over Equestria as Empress. To the average pony, Nightmare Moon is an overarching enigma whose rule is absolute and whose wrath is terrible. But to Twilight Sparkle, who as an orphan has never known her parents, the Empress is something else entirely. When the young unicorn is brought under the royal wing as an apprentice, she learns a great deal more about the supposed tyrant than she ever knew. But as Twilight is introduced to life with her new mentor, she is thrust into a world of political intrigue, conspiracies and secrets. Secrets that were never meant to be revealed. As allies and enemies plot against the very peace of the nation, will Twilight fall prey to the perils of her new position? Or will she prosper and find in Nightmare Moon the mother she never had?


My eternal gratitude to my editor, LordOfTheWrongs, without whom Night's Favoured Child would not be the story it is today.

Now with added TVtropes!

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i'm happy to see it here :pinkiehappy:

Woohoo! I'm glad to see this story is here where I can easily track it. Have some stars! :pinkiehappy:

Yay for an awesome fic becoming more accessable. :twilightsmile:


More and more Fics are coming over. I will forever cherish and love (and tolerate) EqD, but FimFic just has a more robust system for tracking.

awwww yeahhhh

Worth every single star.

The Griffon High King has a daughter in Cloudsdale?

...it can't be.

Night's Favorite Child on fimfiction? I can track it now too? Buck yeah! :pinkiehappy:

A somewhat softer side to Nightmare Moon. Not many fics that do that, I don't think.

I'm liking this one alot so far. Can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

I wonder how much hot water orth Star just got herself into with that little idea of hers?

love this chapter and story as a whole. Looking forward to the next chapter. Filly Twilight is adorable :twilightsmile:

Oh thank Celestia! Now this story will be much easier to track :pinkiehappy:

Oops did I say Celestia? - I meant thank Nightmare Moon, of course! :scootangel:

oh wow first coment uhm lt me think......I LOVE IT

Yay! I was excited by the premise of this story wayyyy back when it first showed up on EqD, but I forgot about it before it got past Chapter 1. And I see the part of the story that chapter covered got rewritten about ten times cooler, too. This is great stuff!

True true, benevolent even.

i agree whit xxsuperduperxx, we dont often see this side of NM but usually its done very well. this type of thing is one of the reasons Role Reversals are my favorite type of Fic

Well, if I didn't know any better, I would say she would be Princess Celestia herself.
Not really all that much different from the Caone reality.

I will read this and enjoy every minute of it.

Woot! Been following this on EqD, glad to see it here. 5-starred, tracked and favorited :twilightsmile:

I have now read what there is to read and enjoyed every minute of it.

I think I have this figured out.

Yes, I think I am right on this.

The Inquisitor is really The Master from Doctor Who, regenereated into a pony and now living on Equestria where he "advises" Nightmare Moon.

Great idea, but the only canon issue is that Twilight has parents. They were in the episode (what was the name?) where the CMC webt around asking the Mane 6 how they got their cutie marks.

96179 Exept this is an AU fic. Meaning, an alternate universe. One where NMM took over the world, instead of being defeated by Celestia. and the prolouge covered why she's an Orphan.. Seriously, Read something Fully and thouroughly before making a comment. It saves time for all of us

I love just how Approachable you've made NMM. Originally "STURM UND DRANG HARGABLARGABLARGA" but eventually mellowed out over the years. Why do I get the feeling the Inquisitor is probably the REAL reason that Equestria is still as Horrornighty as it is.

I am really liking this, it's great how Nightmare isn't pure evil (like i see in some fics where she simply has no redeeming qualities at all) but a character that seems powerful and authoritive but also benevolent. I'll certainly be tracking this

This is an interesting story so far! I like this!

Though horses can't throw up; they can regurgitate before it's fully swallowed (Called choking) if they eat or drink too quickly, and even this is stressful on them. It is most common in Thoroughbreds and the more high-strung breeds of horse. *nerd mode out*

not many fics even do a in any way shape or form nice NMM, nice being an operative word as she could be worse. Much, much worse.
But i expect that the slack from her not being evil will be picked up by the inquisitor


Man this is amazing

Yay, it's on FIMfiction! :yay:

Definitely on my tracking list :D and favorites :twilightsmile:

The characterization is amazing, its really refreshing to see twi shipped with a colt for once.

This story is fantastic! I really love the premise - it's a fascinating investigation of how Equestria would have developed under Nightmare Moon's rule. I do like your characterisation of Nightmare Moon - a competent and personable ruler while still having the edge of malice that made her such a danger in canonical history. Her relationship with Twilight is interesting, and I look forward to seeing how that develops over the years.

^ 97271 I approve of this picture

Very good story. I need more!:pinkiehappy:

Huzzah! Now it's 20% easier to follow and get updates in 10 seconds flat! 8D

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

Not sure if typo or formatting glitch:

"She smiled back and said her thanks as he wheeled around and left in the direction they had just come from. The area Twilight now found herself in was not far from the entrance to the Royal Apartments, which veered off into another entirely separate wing of the These were the rooms of government officials and household members who had the privilege of living in the palace. The faint scent of baking bread drew a fresh round of complaints from the lavender unicorn’s empty stomach, and before long, she had followed her nose straight to the dining room, and then to the kitchens."


I'm loving this story. And I love how there are so many mysteries to be found, I also have some fun theories about the Inquisitor :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I love playing detective with fanfic characters. Part of me want's to ask you about my theory, and part of me wants to wait for it. But I have sooo much subtle evidence that all adds up! another wonderful chapter :raritystarry:

I love playing detective with fanfic characters. Part of me want's to ask you about my theory, and part of me wants to wait for it. But I have sooo much subtle evidence that all adds up! another wonderful chapter :raritystarry:

I love playing detective with fanfic characters. Part of me want's to ask you about my theory, and part of me wants to wait for it. But I have sooo much subtle evidence that all adds up! another wonderful chapter :raritystarry:

can I 5 star this again? :pinkiehappy: each chapter deserves 5 stars haha

It always pains me to finish the latest chapter. :raritydespair:
I await patiently (as best as I can) for the next chapter!

I do belive the plan has just hit a VERY serious snag. However, this could be turned to their advantage... but it won't be easy.

Well she has what she wants, she is happy. She likely has a much more Iron grip and openly strong grip on power, but she rules in realtive peace and prosperity by the looks of it. Lonely at the top indeed, and given a chance to deal with a political/head of state matter and assuage that lonelyness in one fell swoop, why should she not be giddy? (if reasonably nervous) Clearly the antagonist role here is more likely to be taken up by the scheming of court members then the queen of night. The Inquisitor does not strike me as an antagonist, at least not yet. Inquisitor seems a pragmatic pony, who saw a threat to his bosses power, and offered the most direct and final solution. Nightmare Moon has the moral fiber to reject it, but I suspect The Inquisitor is not evil at all, only ruthless.

THEN SHE WASn't pregnant because Orion is not there.:rainbowhuh:

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