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Artwork for TGaP · 12:28pm September 8th

Alright here with another please read.

I now have a Kofi page. https://ko-fi.com/tdrtgap

I'm using this to commission more art for TGaP since i'm poor .

Currently I've purchased 4 pieces and have another two on the way from donations already.

The Artist is https://www.deviantart.com/xxmarkingxx, though i have another one or two in mind if he gets swamped.

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Report TDR · 173 views · Story: Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 4 · #TGaP #art

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You can if you come up with an original version unique to your universe you just can't post the original songs word for word and lord knows after what I've read here I know you have the talent to do it

TDR #104 · July 24th · · ·

Interestingly enough your fic has also spiraled me off into several others as well.

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I normally have some sort of cute or funny achievement to give people for one of my works. Having experienced the worst depression I've ever been through coupled with a string of anxiety attacks while also experiencing homelessness, I can confirm that depression to the point of suicidal inclinations is no joke. I am literally only alive today because of my girlfriend choosing to be with me and keeping my depression from spiraling into suicide. I'm glad you're enjoying my story, please spread the word to everyone you know that depression is a real problem and there are resources if someone finds themselves in that particular place emotionally.


i do tend to add in music, but i can't just post lyrics in a fic as it's against policy.

if there are going to be some musical numbers or heart songs in future chapters of Twilight Gets a Puppy, I have two ideas.
song 1, La Seine and I:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK5OgQ5RCAE
song 2, Just a little kiss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLJo9S0fyCk

  • Viewing 101 - 105 of 105
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