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This story is a sequel to Stories in Stone, Luna's Royal Guard.

The face of Equestria has changed dramatically. The Lunar Republic emerged from the War of Night victorious over the forces of Equestria and the rest of the world.

That was a thousand years ago. The impact of this darkened past had great consequences on the future.
With Nightmare Moon and the Five Beasts ruling over this new world, what impact would it have on the stories we all know, and the ponies that inhabit Equestria?

Twilight Sparkle grew up and lives in this world with all its flaws. Though she has known nothing else, perhaps there is a way she can still save it.

Sometimes, choosing love is not the right decision.

Stories in Stone alternate reality fic.
Reading SiS: Luna's Royal Guard is not really needed for this story to make sense as it will be a stand alone that explains itself, though reading the first book will help in understanding some things. Including who most of these extra ponies are.

i have to be in a certain frame of mind to write this fic, so the updates are.... varied. This is also a far cry from my newest works.

As always with my work Sex tag has to be clicked for a number of scenes, but there is no ouit right clop, mostly just implied, suggested and hinted at.

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buck yea looks epic

YES! Another addition to my favorite series. This time, Nightmare's in charge? i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx97/JML9999/brilliant_6811_zps7ab114d6.jpg

Not a bad idea for a side-story, though knowing how you work this will be longer than the other two combined. So it's an alternate universe now with Twilight as a servant under what we can only assume to be Jer, I look forward to seeing where this is going to go.

I'm, totally all over this.


I love it! And all of the Doctor Who references, too!

:rainbowderp: oh buck yes

I can already tell this is going to be a greatttt story.

I'm going to love this story so much just because you wrote it
That is all that really matters and I can't wait to read it
Please keep us posted about the release of the first chapter for this story
OMG I can't wait

an alternate to a dark alternate universe, this should be fun o.O

Sleep is for the weak.

Let me make a prediction.
The princess will give Twilight something to scry and Twilight will learn the story of the princess and her five apostles.
This will have the side effect of Twilight seeing for the first time the goods and the bads of a world not ruled by Nightmare Moon, and she will start to question everything.
If there is still a garden, Twilight may release certain statues.
She'll search the pony god (related to the missing cutie marks?) who must have been born after Celestia died (I suppose she died. If a she barely survived a slash in the neck with a starmetal sword, the Waning Moon through the chest must be lethal. Seriously, she should have spent more points in DEF and HP than in I-will-slap-you-with-the-sun-itself, considering she's not into attacking others).
I suppose the new god was already found during his/her first decade by the Republic, and is somewhere where he/she won't interfere. Maybe in the garden itself, or living a pacific life and will have no intention of making a change, until Twilight does something (an OC? Cadance? Twilight herself unknowingly?).

Twilight will have the help of some friends, and will meet more during her quest. They may steal the Elements or Harmony at some point.
Spike the millenary dragon god will not be among them, as that would make it too easy for Twilight, at least until the Sorting Algorithm of Evil makes her face the apostles. They may have a dragon OC friend for traveling.
She will wield the Elements with five other friends, who may be the same as in the main timeline, or one of your present time OCs (most of them were in the Guard or equivalent, so I suppose in this universe it's more than probable they are too, as I suppose the rule of the Goddess of War will be very militarized), or you may find a place there for Trixie, as your fans are asking you to give her a cookie, after what she's going through in the other timeline.

Wow. If I didn't get right anything here, then now I have enough to write my own alternate universe side-story.


2831803 No...

Actually she spent all her points in diplomacy and charisma.

good prediction , but again no.

You might want to. theres some stuff in there that could happen though so far none of it is on my list of things to do. This will not be a follow along of SiSMoT. Heck even the normal events of the show didn't happen.

I am channeling something i likly shouldnt for this fic.:flutterrage:

2831835 Is this chapter already edited?
Because i can`t find any errors.

I am late commenting on this story as I only recently discovered it's existence. I have read his previous two and find he is an excellent yarn spinner, er writer, with a vivid imagination and a flair for dramatic story telling. I also look forward to its continuation and the inevitable twists that accompany each tale..


4959942 It will i have the next chapter half way done. There's also Lost Empire [ Book 3], Record of Beryl Wars[fallout inspired], The Mare the Dragon and the Draquonnuss[ prequel] and i'm rewriting the first book of stories in stone to clean it up.

Seems about everything i write is connected to SiS. even the fallout equestria fic.

A little spoiler if you haven't read chapter 2 yet

Wow this totally got my attention even more.

I'm interested to see how each of the mane six have changed because of this new era or Reign of Night

First off applejack doesn't seem to have changed much but then again you can never tell with these kinds of ponies and what is really going through there mind especially since she appears to be like redh (I totally forgot how to spell his name)

First daughter is definitely a position I can see rainbow in, fitting; I'm sure there's going to be more on her in the upcoming chapters sometime

Rarity in house compassion, I'm sure there is a connection there that I'm messing and "Dr. Reighnolds" If that's a line or refrience from the other SIS stories I think i messed something

....fluttershy?........that's something you don't see everyday......

And pinkie pie, not sure what to say besides whose the father.....???

I can't wait to see how you develop these new personalities for the mane six and how there character growth will turn out!


5081405 The mane six have changed pretty signifigantly to be honest, you'll see that later.

Well AJ is half zebra now, the Pelt/Apple family had closer ties with the zebralands after the war and a number of them are like this now.

Dash is probably the least changed.

In SiS i made the comparison that Rarity's father looks like Burt Renolds and he wasn't named so Reignolds was used. That's Rarity's last name.

I'm having fun with fluttershy and Angel in this already.

Pinkie pie..... you won't like it.

This is not a happy story.

So I haven't read it yet, but I had to comment on the chapter title. Daylight's End is one of my favorite songs in a video game. Good choice TDR, now to read the chapter.

EDIT: So, after reading I can say this is great. Bringing back the vibes that made this my favorite series TDR. I await more.

*Sigh* well, time to start following what will only be a story slightly shorter than a million words when its done. Gives me things to read but it gets to a point where I have no idea what was happening the last 5 chapters of the original story.


5083406 That is the actual length of the story as well... or the planned length. Daylights end lyrics are the titles.

5083947 I am rewriting the first story. With this however you only need to worry about Luna's Royal Guard as Memories of Twilight and Lost Empire are different timelines

I must confess I've been putting off reading this for a while, not because of any doubts about your skill but simply because I needed to pull back from your work and read something else. And, well, absence make the heart grow fonder. After coming back to this I can say that I am very, very eager to see what comes next!

I read this, and I can't help but think 'Portal'. Twilight THINKS she knows how its going to end, but that isn't the case now is it?

Applejack being half Zebra is pretty awesome, be interesting to see that description put into artwork.

Some interesting world building here, I like the idea of different houses named after the Elements of Harmony and having functions representing those element but in a corrupt way.

I hope we will find out how they are organised and what different functions they have.

Pretty good mixing everyone around--It's Starswirl's Unfinished Spell on steroids. I like "Flutterbitch" already.:rainbowlaugh:
Except, Angel's still the same.:rainbowhuh: That rabbit really needs killing!

Ohhhh snap, story necro!!!! Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for the juicy world building!

Very intriguing alternate timeline.

Is it just coincidences that are causing the ponies to be interrupted just before they would've gotten their cutie marks, or is there something nefarious going on stepping in and preventing them? :rainbowdetermined2:


Hopefully it wont be as long this time.

"Mirror, Mirror" :trollestia:

Let's just hope it doesn't end in Season 4 like the last one did


Nah we're good. No one has a evil goatee..... oh wait.....


Nah we're good. No one has a evil goatee..... oh wait.....

You're referring to Angel there, right? :fluttershyouch:


Actually Jer'rahd's beard. Though if angel bunny had an evil twin named devil bunny he'd be a saint.

Is this still being worked on?

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