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Equestria Girls Flipped! (Side: Canterlot High part 2) · 2:22am August 31st

Alright, so picking up where we left off E!Spike approaches the Canterlot High version of Ditzy Doo to try and get her help. Yeah, he's got plans for how to loosen Sunset's hold over the school and make it clear that he's not just gonna fall in line for her, but there's still a ton about this world he doesn't know about (not the least of which being how to use the technology). Luckily for him, CH!Ditzy proves to be rather easy to win over. Revealing himself as the mysterious "Purple Prose"

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huh. I've never actually read a single on of your stories. why am i following you?

Hi Bed Head,

How are you? I am good. I was wondering if we could chat? Yes or no?

How are your stories going?

Please message me back.



Ooh, I like. Thanks for this!

I had some more fun with Flip!Twilight...

Love your work! Keep it up!

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