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On taking the plunge · 1:49am Feb 28th, 2019

After years of simply reading stories on this site, I've finally started putting together ideas for a story of my own! It'll be based on a personal interpretation of the show's canon, wherein I treat some of it symbolically rather than literally. After all, the show is written for a target audience that isn't the same as the target audience for much of the fanfics on this site. For me, the simplified narratives of the TV show conceal events that may be more complicated and realistic than shown.

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Thanks a lot for the follow!

Thank you for the Watch :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch! ^^

Thanks for the watch! Don't forget to rate and comment!

Thank you for the watch! I'm sort of assuming it's in part from my new story, so I hope you enjoyed that and anything else of mine you might have read. :twilightsmile:

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