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Inner Glory Final Publishing Fund Announcement · 11:08pm Sep 3rd, 2015

To all my dear readers, I have two momentous announcements; Firstly, Inner Glory is having its last public publishing, and for anybody who missed out on the earlier funds, now's your opportunity to get a real, physical copy of the book that took me three years to write and has taken us all for on a deeply intimate journey into the soul of an individual. Follow this link to get your copy of the book, available now until the 25th of September: http://igg.me/at/InnerGloryFinalFund

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It has been some two years since you have last logged on here, and a year since I read Inner Glory which left me speechless, and on the edge of my seat when I heard you were planning to make a non fanfiction version of it. I hope that someday you'll get back here, if only to tell as that all is well

Comment posted by FR - Stardust deleted Feb 14th, 2018

I only just remember this like a goober, but I still never got my T-Shirt, did that happen or were you just not able to do it? I'm not upset about, it just curious

Are you done, or what? I'd love to see more from you. :twilightsmile:

I'm really excited to get my own paperback copy of Inner Glory! I want to confirm my address so that my book will not be delivered to the wrong address. It is 60466 Dudd Road 49093 Three Rivers Michigan.

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