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Flowers of Flesh and Blood · 3:48pm Nov 24th, 2012

I just watched a movie on youtube called Flowers of Flesh and Blood, it was made in Japan in 1985. It's really short, only around 42 minutes. It made me think of ''Cupcakes'', but ''Cupcakes'' was made recently in comparison to that movie. The good part about the movie is that it didn't hold anything back in the disgusting parts but the bad part is that it didn't really get in to the psychology of the characters. It gets a 6/10 from me. Has anyone else on here watched it? And in that case why

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No one, but due to my chosen avatar and your comment it can look like roleplaying or I simply may be a bit paranoid. Have a nice day though.

211199 who said anything about roleplaying? :pinkiecrazy:

Sorry, I can't roleplay because that's against the rules.

Would you care for another cupcake?:pinkiecrazy:

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