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Text-Based adventure games · 8:32am Jan 30th, 2013

Seeing as I'm getting a hard time finding collaborators for my projects (artists mainly, writers and programmers tend to get along in my experience). I'm going to have a bit of fun converting some of my fictions into text-based adventure games.

Just to get use to creating visual novel-eque games without an artist to bug me with their absence of work.

The stories I will be doing will be the ones from my War for Equestria series. Starting with Day of coronation and Charity.

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You play the drums? :pinkiehappy:


homophobia... lol omg you tool.

I've banned you from the School for New Writers due to:
-starting shit

Please check back in a couple of days.

why did you make pinkie evil? she isnt evil she's far from it.:fluttercry:


yeah thats ok

hey ive got a lot to deal with would you mind adding it to the group

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Things I do

I write and criticise things. It's in the name really, CeresBane. The bane of the celestial. In a non-religious world like this, that usually takes the form of the challenging and criticising of the idolised and worshipped. Like fandoms and crap. Including MLP.

Here is my youtube doing the things that I say

As a double standard I'm really lazy at editing. So if you like reading my stories just wait a week or so after a first upload it and look at it again. It will probably end up magically more awesome than before.

Yes I know it's not exactly ideal for whoring myself out but it's my way. And being the biggest whore isn't exactly gonna be the highlight of everything I've achieved.

Leader of the War of Equestria group, I'm pretty much spear-heading the NLR vs SE on this site. I write a bucket load about the universe and am always looking for new promising members.

I also explore many genres but until I finish the bulk of my group related work. I'll primarily be a NLR vs SE writer.