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So I just noticed that A Very Angry Problem had been added to this group and wanted to say thanks not only for that but calling my attention to a Warhammer group hiding under this pile of ponies.

Thank you for putting Adepta Sororitas in the group, hope you guys enjoy the ride.

Does anyone know the name of the fanfic where the emperor wakes up in equestria and started killing everyone?

Sorry for taking so long.

Well that was slightly delayed...

Oh hey. My latest story is the 200th story added to this group. Yaaaaaay!

The Codex was written in an era of absolute atheism, it makes no mention of heretics or unclean. So, I'm assuming you mean the Space Marine sourcebook for tabletop.

"suffer not the alien to live,purge the heretic,and the unclean." -Codex Astartes (may have butchered it abit but I love the quote nonetheless.)

I miss the squats and love the abhumans


I have found my Chapter here at last! I have found the Warhammer Group! FOR THE EMPERER!!!

just over nine hundred members now.

Ate some Ultrasmurfs with my Emperor's Children in the tabletop game. Yea I'm a tactical genius.

. . . well heresy does grow from idleness.

Crackfic time???

Ok it's been ten weeks time for another Warhammer 40K quote.

"The stars do not go out because I am not looking at them."
Malcador the Sigilite.

  • Viewing 223 - 242 of 242
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