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It's so hard to write when one is trying not to starve.


Ninth Captain Fubar Jac'ass is a very good Angry Marine, he shouts his profanities, he kills the enemies of his Emprah real good, and he don't take no shit from no thrice damned Ultrasmurf. So why in the name of Terra has he been assigned to aid a little purple xeno Inquisitor that keeps having him do the most mundane things? And why does he keep going along with them, something here isn't right. And it's making him extremely angry.


I don't own the title art, Warhammer 40k, or My Little Pony Frindship is Magic. Rated teen for lots of angry profanity and potential for bloody happenings.

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Tell me, honestly, is this too much?

Honestly... Perhaps not enough.

why do I feel like this guy would be best pals with tree hugger

Maybe that whole "Yin-Yang Total Opposites" thing?

Reminds me of myself on a good morning. That is until Luna slaps the hell outta me.

Hahahahaha, WTF?

Tracking it, this is gonna be funny :rainbowlaugh:

I may not know enough about the 40k universe, but I know enough to know that this will be a good time... for me, as a reader.


you know what i ship him with tree huger their is no way tree huger would commit heresy

Hm. Who's the 'quieter' guy that keeps being mentioned?

Comment posted by GasmaskBrony deleted Mar 31st, 2018

Great start! Angry Marines are (from my experience anyway) usually the subject if crack fics and shit posts, but you, at least in this chapter, have made them into an actual (if hilarious) Chapter of Astartes just through giving them actual names and not giving them 'super OP do anything I want with the power of anger' powers.

A little disappointed you gave him Hammerspace, giving them 'super OP do anything I want cause anger' powers makes a story kinda boring and lessens the character usually. Despite that the story is still interesting, although I will reserve future judgements for the next chapter.

An interesting development to he sure, and it is good to see that he isn't becoming a Gary-Stu, as I feared before... I look forward to the next chapter!

Thankfully most questions can be answered with a quick google search and there will be a lot less 40k terminology from here out so don't let that distract you from this story that I'm basically writing for myself.

If your readers have to google stuff, you might lose them. It's the internet, it's full of distracting stuff.
Your readers might never come back.
Don't make them work.
Explain stuff to them so they continue reading your story.

This chapter seems fine to me but I've had lots of exposure to Warhammer 40k stuff.

What's the Tua?
Do you mean Tau?

Other than these minor issues, you've done well.

"I was actually thinking he might break free more powerful than ever and kill everypony on the planet but really that's not too likely to happen right?" the third voice laughed nervously.

Yeah... about that
They literally have a standard procedure for that

I was laughing the entire time, and half of it I was just making noises, going like ‘eeh’.

I do wonder just how much shit a single angry marine can wreak in an early-industrial civilization full of magic-wielding beings. I may or may not find out soon.

Huh.... It actually does make sense that a Space Marine would be a good cook. Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000 are massive giant men underneath the power armor and do need easily 10 times the calories compared to modern infantry. Being so it is also to mention that they are 7 feet and six inches tall. They are giant muscled men with three lungs, two hearts the size of frigging wild turkeys and a ton of other implants and modifications.

So I can imagine that part of training involves being able to cook anything when separated from their legions in the wild.

well actually space marines have chapter serfs to do cooking and other tasks in their ships. Because space marines need humans to crew their ships because they can do that just as well as space marines. Of course they go in different names in different chapters for example in blood angels they are blood thralls ho are recruits ho failed their training and now serve their astartes masters. I mean did you really think that space marine would do something sou low like cooking.

From what I gathered from this chapter Danse was some poor schlub who went to a con, but instead of turning into an actual angry marine he ended up stuck inside an actual marine’s head when he got sent to Equestria. Of course I could be wrong, but that was the impression this story has been giving me.

Here's all I need to know about the Angry Marines. Games-Workshop is smart enough to never make them an official Chapter.

Why? Everything in this story sums it up.

That sounds like a rather heretical statement there brother, especially when you consider the Black Templars, Dorn's Angry Boys, are already a cannon chapter and are not nearly as nice or tolerant as the Angry Marines.

that is debatable as black templars have allied themselves with iron warriors once in beast arises books and with eldar in fall of cadia. And there is a mention in crusaders of Dorn book where black templar held woman and two of her children's heretics at gun point and spared them saying they should repent and pray for the emperor or he would come for them. As what comes so sons of dorn they have are cold and calculative rather than going with emotions like salamanders like their primarch.

See, this is why we don't taunt things imprisoned in inescapable prisons. It provides them inspiration.

Ive noticed a theme in many 40k MLP crossover fics, they start off funny and light hearted but eventually get get dark, (which considering the crossover, makes sense) but even those that seemingly started out not wanting to get dark, have no choice.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS GREAT STORY. I want to see where it go

.... They had created their own Angry Marine Bomb..... those poor, poor fools.

For info on it, here it is :D


Some vengeance muffins, with cunt-kicker lemon tea, and a side of ass-tearer biscuits

*The sound of Desperate and Mouth Frothing Anger Incarnate*

Danse... As in PALADIN danse?


Holy crap! Someone who actually read the Tau lore enough to realize they're evil! I never thought I'd see the day. Oh, and it's "Imperium" of Man, you dammed heretic! *BLAM!*

Somehow a three meter tall multi-ton mass of armor had simply appeared behind them all.

I always thought that was the most awesome and terrifying thing about Space Marines. They're incredibly sneaky even with all their bling. I remember in one novel (I think a short story) a Marine blinged out, banner and everything, was sneaking up on an enemy pillbox at night during a lightning storm. He sneaked to the base of the pillbox between two lightning flashes (the normal human watching basically blinked and he was there). The next flash showed he was gone and after another he was back and reporting he cleared the pillbox.

These guys are scary as fuck!

It's a trap! It's a daemon! It's a daemon trap!

but she was simply to tired to try and pick apart the man's argument

More like you can't! Eh, xenos!? He made air-tight points and you know it! :trollestia:

the faintest of an inkling of the idea that we might not, in fact, be in the middle of joining his massive space empire

I would love it if it turned out that they are joining the Imperium and that Twilight is simply out of the royal loop.

Oh, I love this. You have showed that despite being angry all the time, swearing constantly, shouting at all times, and seemingly dumb as a brick, even an Angry Marine is still a Space Marine and possesses the vast intellect of an Astartes. He is no idiot, but chooses to let them think he is.

"You will do no such thing!" A familiar voice full of authority declared.

An authority figure with no hope in Hell of not getting her ass curbstomped again. Look out Angrybro! She might bleed on you!

The pegasi leveled their spears and soared up to stab at the brutish fiend

It won't help them. Astartes skin is bullet and knife proof. That's from weapons with millennia of advanced material sciences behind them, too.

Trust Twatlight to be so egotistical she makes conditions for her to fix her own mess and the wrong she committed.

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