Humans are Superior 4,462 members · 1,251 stories

A group for fics about humans being totally awesome and superior.

Rules for the Folders:

Conversion Bureau: Quite simple. Every Story in which the Humans succesfully prevented the Ponyfication of their World and Race. Basically all the ACB Stories.

Humans allied Ponies: Stories in which Humans and Ponies fighting together against a common enemy. It also can include Stories in which Humans and Ponies peacefully live togehter or Humans helping Ponies in any way.

Humans and Changelings: Since Human and Changeling Stories are already quite rare, this folder goes for either Humans and Changelings allied together (Same Rules as Humans allied with Ponies) or Humans and Changeling at war.

Humans feared by Ponies: This Folder is mostly for Human-Pony War stories. But it also can include everything else that could cause the Ponies fear Humans.

Humans rulling over Ponies: For Stories in which Humans had conquered Equestria or are currently at it. Quite rare.

Ponies amazed by Humans: Stories in which Humans amaze the Ponies by technological wonders, heroic deeds or through pure badassery.

Ponies protected/saved by Humans: Stories in which Humans act mostly Heroic. For example: The Imperium of Man protecting Equestria from a Tyranid Invasion instead of performing Exterminatus and the like. Doesn't have necessary to be something war related.

The universal Rule for the Above is: We have to be pretty much Awesome.

Quote of the Month

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst..

Our trusted Allies:

Technology vs Magic: Wizards against Terminators!

Human Heroes are Superior: Sister Group.

The Good HIE List: For quality Fics concerning our Species.

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I've got this group to brings back memories - it's good to see it's still chugging along

A ja po Polsku więc mamy problem

I only speak and read English my guy.

Zabierz kucykom magię i są równie beznadziejne tak jak nasze mózgi i ręce są odpowiedzialne za naszą wyższość tak magia czyni kucyki niebezpiecznymi zabierz im to i są słabe. Jasne prawdopodobnie będą silniejsze i szybsze ale zapominasz że w sytuacji walki wybiorą uniknięcie konfrontacji jako gatunek ofiar. Mogą walczyć to jest jasne ale człowiek będzie zwinniejszy a dzięki rękom mamy lepsze możliwości. Pamiętaj że zabrano kucykowi magię a człowiekowi narzędzia więc ich chwytanie przedmiotów kopytami nie działa. Myślę że zwycięstwo w takiej walce będzie zależeć od zbyt wielu czynników by jasno powiedzieć kto wygra, jak doświadczenie, osobista siła, przebiegłość, instynkty itp. Bo w jednym się mylisz są ludzie niewiarygodnie silni i tacy dla których udźwignięcie własnego ciała to problem. Nie możesz porównywać wszystkich w jednej kategorii bo jesteśmy zbyt różni by uogólniać.

What are you talking about knight's did not have mobility they could walk do a jog yes but running? No half the time the armor was full of shit a anyways i feel really sorry for the horses now.
You overhype soldiers way to much I've seen soldier's get they ass beat by regular untrained people I don't get why people do this thinking soldier's are some badass red pill blue pill mfer. N the strategies they learn that isn't complicated considering the army has actually compliment gamers doing the most brain dead strats.

Now to answer who would win a royal guard unicorn just yeets that gun out of the soldiers hand n starts ragdolling the solider everywhere.

Off topic that moment when you found out that wearing the clothes of a enemy to kill the enemy is a war crime.

I have to insult y'all.

1.Human's were never a physically superior predator compare to wolves,big cats,and alligators.

2.despite being a great ape we are the weakest link no matter how much you lift our cousins will still be physically superior.I've seen stories of people getting ridiculous with human physical ability I mean you know our brains is the reason y'all are here right now else we still be easy food like our cousins are yes gorillas do have predators and can't do anything against them really.

3.take away the tools n guns all of y'all are weak i do not know why people get upset by facts if your wondering what would happen search up monkeys n apes getting are now imagine that s us but way worse at defending ourselves.

4.our brains make us
I saw this video and I thought of this sub, maybe it can inspire someone IDK. They even made the people evil it fits so perfectly.

Got a story I wish to submit, but not sure if it fits.

god this group brings back memories - it's good to see it's still chugging along

Can someone make this map a little better, and not like something some idiot drew in MSpaint? Thanks.

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daam misanthropes have invaded this site

No it wasn't.

Hey can somebody make a all tomorrow's/mlp crossover
Where the protagonist is a asteromorph
And before anybody says anything yes asteromorph
Is a human just a very evolved human and god like


In a fight who would win:An American soldier or a royal guard let’s check stats
American: Has M4 ar. Has hands and can pick stuff up. Wears bullet proof vest. Also has a M9 and knife. MRE’s and back packs, good training too.
Royal guard: Has a spear. Can’t pick stuff up some maybe if their a unicorn. Wears GOLD not even iron. Most likely piss poor training and about 4ft tall.

So this basically isn’t even a fair fight.
Hell even medieval armor were the most types of armor made back then made from steal when overlapped each other creating one of the hardest armors with the added bonus to greater mobility. A knight would also win because of training and better weapons like swords, shields, spears, pole axe’s, halberds, bardiche’s, war hammers, maces and other things.

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