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A group for fics about humans being totally awesome and superior.

Rules for the Folders:

Conversion Bureau: Quite simple. Every Story in which the Humans succesfully prevented the Ponyfication of their World and Race. Basically all the ACB Stories.

Humans allied Ponies: Stories in which Humans and Ponies fighting together against a common enemy. It also can include Stories in which Humans and Ponies peacefully live togehter or Humans helping Ponies in any way.

Humans and Changelings: Since Human and Changeling Stories are already quite rare, this folder goes for either Humans and Changelings allied together (Same Rules as Humans allied with Ponies) or Humans and Changeling at war.

Humans feared by Ponies: This Folder is mostly for Human-Pony War stories. But it also can include everything else that could cause the Ponies fear Humans.

Humans rulling over Ponies: For Stories in which Humans had conquered Equestria or are currently at it. Quite rare.

Ponies amazed by Humans: Stories in which Humans amaze the Ponies by technological wonders, heroic deeds or through pure badassery.

Ponies protected/saved by Humans: Stories in which Humans act mostly Heroic. For example: The Imperium of Man protecting Equestria from a Tyranid Invasion instead of performing Exterminatus and the like. Doesn't have necessary to be something war related.

The universal Rule for the Above is: We have to be pretty much Awesome.

Quote of the Month

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst..

Our trusted Allies:

Technology vs Magic: Wizards against Terminators!

Celestia X Human: Because best Pony knows what good is.

Human Heroes are Superior: Sister Group.

The Good HIE List: For quality Fics concerning our Species.

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415277 hail Nigel Farage

Death to all who opposes against humanity, only the strong lives. If the ponies dare attack us we will be ready, they may have magic but we, we have strong worthy soldiers who would die for our lord. So I say onto you, to all of you. HAIL ALEXER, HAIL HUMANITY!!

414349 S.S. in Equestria is the most closest to that

Here's an idea for a fic,a human with a vast knowledge of science and technology got sent to Equestria where humans are viewed as inferior species.The time being the early days of Equestria.He uses his knowledge to boost the humans' technology that in 1000 years,they finally reaches the World War 1 level of tech.He himself designed crossbows,muskets and finally guns .Oh,and he's still alive due to being unable to age.

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I want a second person fanfic where the human is the villian! A villain that ultimately wins in the end, and enslaves everybody!

vary good mate

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411636 There is a skype for this group? The Inquisition is very intrigued.

Comment posted by DOOMRIDER deleted Aug 25th, 2016

I'd like to be invited to your Skype conversation.


We - Humanity, truly are more superior than any foul xeno race out there in the universe. Still I can't wait to exterminatus more worlds.

411081 thanks friend I appreciate it.

410558 I don't understand why you got so many dislikes on this. You actually made good points and backed it up with statistics. Here's a like for your efforts.

408394 Nothing to see here just the neighborhood troll.

No. Just no. I personally feel responsible for all my friends that actually liked this post. It means I didn't do a very good job educating them. Let's take a second and calm down. Look at the gun crimes statistics of the entire country(United States of America). Okay now that that's been taken care of compare that to gun crime statistics for Chicago Illinois Detroit Michigan New York-New York and Washington DC and then subtract those numbers from the total in the country. those four cities have the most stringent gun laws in the country what does that tell you about gun violence in America? More stringent gun laws will not make the country safer if anything all it will do is strip Law Abiding Citizen from the ability to defend themselves from gun wielding criminals. Let's face it people if criminals actually give a shit about the law then we wouldn't have crime. Take all these nuggets of wisdom with a grain of salt. I did not graduate from high school. I dropped out when I was 16 years old when I could emancipate myself from the education system to go to work. I did not get my GED until I was 22.Does that make me stupid or ignorant? No obviously not due to the eloquence of my rebuttal. Although it definitely does bring into question the level of our education system. It's broken...By the way I'm not sure if I mentioned this but I am 35 years old. Let that sink in a little bit.

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