Humans are Superior 3,709 members · 1,141 stories

A group for fics about humans being totally awesome and superior.

Rules for the Folders:

Conversion Bureau: Quite simple. Every Story in which the Humans succesfully prevented the Ponyfication of their World and Race. Basically all the ACB Stories.

Humans allied Ponies: Stories in which Humans and Ponies fighting together against a common enemy. It also can include Stories in which Humans and Ponies peacefully live togehter or Humans helping Ponies in any way.

Humans and Changelings: Since Human and Changeling Stories are already quite rare, this folder goes for either Humans and Changelings allied together (Same Rules as Humans allied with Ponies) or Humans and Changeling at war.

Humans feared by Ponies: This Folder is mostly for Human-Pony War stories. But it also can include everything else that could cause the Ponies fear Humans.

Humans rulling over Ponies: For Stories in which Humans had conquered Equestria or are currently at it. Quite rare.

Ponies amazed by Humans: Stories in which Humans amaze the Ponies by technological wonders, heroic deeds or through pure badassery.

Ponies protected/saved by Humans: Stories in which Humans act mostly Heroic. For example: The Imperium of Man protecting Equestria from a Tyranid Invasion instead of performing Exterminatus and the like. Doesn't have necessary to be something war related.

The universal Rule for the Above is: We have to be pretty much Awesome.

Quote of the Month

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst..

Our trusted Allies:

Technology vs Magic: Wizards against Terminators!

Human Heroes are Superior: Sister Group.

The Good HIE List: For quality Fics concerning our Species.

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Entry 1: By some horrid curse of the warp, I and all my men have been turned into bizarre creatures. The scholar among my retinue describes my new form as a creature from ancient folklore known as a "kobold". I suppose it could be worse. One of my stormtroopers got turned into an ogryn, and now he's incapable of comprehending even the most basic concepts. I will continue to update this journal as my unusual situation continues to develop.
Praise the Emperor, and curse the Ruinous Powers.

Hi there do you have any good stories that ponies turn into humans any good ones any good ones


Long live mankind the greatest race to ever grace the universe none shall stand in the way of are birthright!

Comment posted by Tiber Septim II deleted January 2nd

Good thing I found groups like this, I hope to find more human stories of the future in Equestria.:twilightsmile:

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That's a good question ,there is also 'Humans That Are Not Little Bitches' group

Why are we not allied with 'Humans are not doormats' group?

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I'm looking for a story in which the ponys piss off the humans and get stomped. Anyone got a good one?

Comment posted by Reichtangle deleted Jan 25th, 2019

That troll posting nasty shit in ALL of the groups is pretty damn heretical.

Comment posted by Chayio deleted Jan 4th, 2019

Whom said the NLR was part of this Imprium of Man ? Is it in part of the Solar TYRANT's territory?

  • Viewing 616 - 635 of 635
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