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  • 93 weeks
    Random Dream I had!

    I was on this weird train-like object. The [train] was accelerating upwards. It appeared to be a form of space travel. There were mostly ponies on board. This one cyan pegasus (for some reason I could read his thoughts) was thinking about how he could just fly back if he fell, and decided to drink with friends. I also saw an earth pony filly that looked like a filly Sunny with her father. The [train] kind of shook, sending the father through a window. The filly was shocked, and I decided

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  • 97 weeks
    What are changelings?

    WARNING! You are about to read something resembling a rant.

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  • 103 weeks
    Accents are slightly harder to read.

    Most people write Applejack with an accent like this: "Howdy, Ahm Applejack" This made it difficult to read. Although it makes it more interesting, it isn't really needed. For n x-ampl, eye have a Californian axent. <-- You can write like this for basically any accent because of how English words are spelled. Basically all accents have weird pronunciations you can write like this. Why limit it to only a southern accent?

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  • 108 weeks
    How to make it rain (For humans that have a lot of money)

    Please correct me if I'm wrong (I probably am, because people should be doing this already if I'm correct), but I'm pretty sure humans can manipulate the weather too.

    Step 1. Research wind systems and cycles in the area you want to make it rain in.
    Step 2. Extract literal truckloads of water from your closest large body of water, preferably the ocean.

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  • 108 weeks
    ᚦᛁ᛬ᛚᚫᛁᚴ᛬ᚦᛖᛁ᛬ᛏᛖᛚ᛬1: ᛋᚪᛚᛖᛋᛏᛁᚪ᛬ᛁᚴ᛬ᚪᛁ:ᛚᚫᛁᚪᚱ

    ᚪᚱ᛬ᛋᛟᚾ᛬ᛁᚴ᛬ᚠᛖᚱᛠ᛬ᚠᛖᚱᛠ᛬ᚻᛖᚠᛠ. ᚪᛋᛄᚢᛗᛁᛝ᛬ᚦᚫᛏ᛬ᛄᚩᚱ᛬ᛋᛟᚾ᛬ᛁᚴ᛬ᚦᛁ᛬ᛋᛖᛁᛗ᛬ᛗᚫᛋ᛬ᚫᚴ᛬ᚪᚱ᛬ᛋᛟᚾ,᛬(5.97237×1024 kg) × 333,000),᛬ᛁᛏ᛬ᚹᚢᛞ᛬ᛒᛠ:ᚪᚢᛚᛗᚩᛋᛏ᛬ᛁᛗᛈᚪᛋᚪᛒᛚ᛬ᛏᚢ᛬ᛗᚢᚠ,᛬ᚫᚴ᛬1kg᛬ᛁᚴ᛬ᚪᛒᚩᛏ᛬ᚻᚫᚠ᛬ᛟᚠ᛬ᚦᛁ᛬ᚹᛖᛁᛏ᛬ᛟᚠ᛬ᚪᛁ᛬ᚠᛖᚱᛠ᛬ᚻᛖᚠᛠ᛬ᛒᚢᛣ. (5.97237×1024 kg) × 333,000)᛬ᛁᚴ᛬ᚠᛖᚱᛠ᛬ᛟᚾᚱᛁᚪᛚᛁᛋᛏᛁᛣ᛬ᚪᚾᛚᛖᛋ᛬ᛋᚪᛚᛖᛋᛏᛁᚪ᛬ᛁᚴ᛬ᛋᛟᛗ᛬ᛣᚪᛁᚾᛞ᛬ᛟᚠ᛬ᚸᚪᛞ. ᛒᛟᛏ᛬ᚻᚫᚱ᛬ᛁᚾ᛬ᛗᚫᛁ᛬ᛄᚢᚾᛁᚠᛖᚱᛋ,᛬ᚦᛁ᛬ᛋᛟᚾ᛬ᛞᛟᚴᚪᚾᛏ᛬ᛗᚢᚠ᛬ᚪᚱᚫᚢᚾᛞ᛬ᚦᛁ᛬ᛖᚱᚦ,᛬ᚦᛁ᛬ᛖᚱᚦ᛬ᛗᚢᚠᚴ᛬ᚪᚱᚫᚢᚾᛞ᛬ᚦᛁ᛬ᛋᛟᚾ.

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No, I can't do characters well.

Hey! You still writing?

Okay, it's been a week, I'm done with the amogus

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