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Oh the dislikes.... This place is even worst than yemen under bombing.

Yeah, comes with the territory of having the guts to speak out and do something about what’s happened to MLP. And somehow I’m the toxic one.

Wow, you must have pissed off a lot of people. All comments, even simply "okay" messages are downvoted into oblivion.

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There are 2 ways to handle the tree's "destruction". It shouldn't be able to be destroyed. Keep in mind that 1) it was able to handle (barely, but it did) an atack from Discord for 1000 years, while completely unpowered. 2) When the elements were returned to it, it vaporized the vines. This was after the elements had been somewhat powered up by repeated use by the mane 6. 3) When the elements were supercharged in season 4 (unlocking rainbow power), the tree got another substantial boost, and was shown to be able to handle almost all of the magic in the world at once. 4) Twilight's castle, and the map is *part of the tree*. It has roots under at least, most of the nation, if not most of the continent, extending from the Everfree Forest to Twilight's castle *at least*.

While the tree isn't the ultimate source of all magic, it is an amplifier, and it is the reason harmony is able to spread. The elements are not "symbols", they have power of their own, and but they also act as amplifiers AND batteries. They can be "charged" when the mane 6 use them, and the more lessons they learn about their elements, the more powerful they become. When they are used and returned to the tree, this increases its power, which increases the elements' power, which lets the mane 6 do more with them, etc in a feedback loop.

Now, that all said, what about the "destruction". Sombra cannot do it, there is no way in hell. He is depicted as being way weaker than Discord, and Discord was barely able to affect the tree over 1000 years while it was completely unpowered. We knew the vines were suppressing the tree, but it's doubtful that they could've actually destroyed it (the vines needed to be cleared before it could act though). So I propose one of two plotlines to handle it.

1) The "destruction" is an illusion. The tree has been shown (What Lies Beneath) to be able to do complicated illusions of its own to test others. I don't think Sombra should return, but he had a lot of powers over illusion too.
2) The tree appears to have "something wrong with it". The mane 6 use their rainbow power again to deal with something (perhaps the real Grogar), and Twilight thinks he did something to harm the tree, or it appears he did something to harm it. There is a lot of tension. But it turns out that the tree has just gotten enough power to have a "growth spurt", resulting in the growth seen in "Uprooted", but in a different context. (And no "treehouse".) The students can help but the mane 6 should be the ones that are the cause of the tree growing.

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It’s canon, technically, so we’re going to get that redone, too.

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Anything involving fixing king Sombra is a plus so yes please

My Little Dashie (the fanfic) turned out to be quite prophetic.

"I should have told her sooner, I just wasn't sure when would be the right time. Now we are both suffering for my carelessness. I thought getting cable would be a good thing, give her some more shows to watch, but what I didn't realize was that we got the HUB station. I wasn't even aware it was still up, and find my surprise the show My Little Pony is still even AIRING! It had stopped at eight seasons, but still it was repeated."

The Last Problem, for sure. That would leave room for at least one brand new episode, ideally one featuring a friendship quest. There are others Id be happy to see go unless they can be reworked, like Daring Doubt or, if there’s no better way to write the Tree of Harmony’s “destruction”, Uprooted.

I have a quick question for Save My Little Pony, which episodes of Season 9 need to be removed? Because I’m making a list of the episodes I want the revised Season 9 to have.

I completely disagree with destroying the tree at all. Instead of "destroying" it, have the tree appear to have something severely wrong with it, and Twilight going nuts (like she always does), only to reveal that the tree has just gotten enough magic from the powered up Elements since the S4 finale, to grow. There can be some uncertainty about what will happen. The tree has been shown to be able to create detailed illusions in What Lies Beneath, so the "destruction" scene (sans Sombra) could be shown in Twilight's dream or something, to warn her something is happening to the tree. We can have all the fear of something happening to the tree still there, since noone knows it's going to happen, only to end in something like Uprooted, except with the Mane 6 instead of the students (the students can be there to help, but should not be implied to be new element wielders). Sombra is not capable of destroying the tree...he is nowhere near as powerful as Discord, and Discord doesn't even hold a candle to it (it withstood one of his attacks for 1000 years while depowered due to the elements being removed). I'm not really a fan of having a new "big threat" anyway...FIM Is not that kind of show. It's not like Stargate SG-1 where they have to have a new big bad every season. That's called serial escalation, and while it sometimes works for sci-fi, FIM doesn't need it.

Rainbow Power is just the powered up Elements, after they were powered up in Twilight's Kingdom. They can't be destroyed, the very idea is ludicrous. It also makes sense for the Mane 6 to be closer to their elements after that, so they can just summon them, or even use their power "remotely" if necessary. The tree growing, would enable things like this.

While I'm not against the students themselves, the purpose of the students is to learn to take lessons back to their homelands. I don't even want it implied that they can or will replace the Mane 6 someday. They shouldn't be implied to have any connections to the Elements. There's no problem with them HELPING the Mane 6, there should be no mention of ever replacing them, because I plan for the ending to be in the present, looking opmistically toward the future. Leave the future to speculation, headcanons, and fanfiction. Don't say or even imply anything.

No shipping for any of the Mane 6 should even be implied. We don't need that crap. Leave that to people's headcanon and fanfiction, so that people can imagine what they want.

Some S9 episodes are ok as is (Point of No Return, Going to Seed, Common Ground). Between Dark and Dawn can definitely be salvaged with a few changes. 1) get rid of the "roll call" at the beginning (it takes a lengthy explanation to explain what that is). 2) make the plot "Celestia and Luna want a vacation". That's it. No implication of "retirement", just a vacation. 3) get rid of the stupid amulet that "gives Twilight their powers". That's ludicrous, drop it. Sparkle's Seven can be salvaged, if the reference to Sombra is removed, and make the security upgrade due to the Storm King instead. Also add a framing segment to it, where it's everyone telling their stories about how they tried to get around the security. And explain the silliness of the episode as all of the stories being embellished. Think Pony Point of View, but much more lighthearted. That allows the episode to keep the silly stuff without it breaking things.

Most everything else - REMOVE IT. FIM is not a show that needs big bad guys, big fights, and serial escalation. The world does not fit that kind of storyline. We had our big fight with Tirek, don't need more. Instead make the new S9 a smaller season, mostly slice of life stuff. The ending should be, in the words of a friend, "the least important day of your life". Just show everyone doing their normal stuff, along with a promise at the end that no matter how complex life gets, they won't move away from each other, and will always be best friends.

Instead of new villians, how about reforming Cozy? Cadance could semi-adopt her, and try to get to the bottom of what her issues are. It would be interesting if she had issues causing her to be the way she is, like Starlight. Tirek can just stay where he is, he's been there for a very long time anyway.

Also, the over the top/OOC stuff in S9 needs to be severely toned down. That's all I can think of off the top of my head right now, but I can go into more at some point if discussions about changes to specific episodes happen.

Uh.... I think you put The Ending of the End twice instead of one of them being The Beginning of the End. :twilightsheepish:

Season 9 MLP episodes that need to be revised and why they need to be revised:

The Beginning of the End - Part 1 & 2:
Acknowledges the main story arch as Discord brought back the villains to make Twilight prove her worth as ruler. King Sombra is also back with degraded character quality. Also a traumatising scene with spellbound ponies with green glowing eyes.

Acknowledges Sombra destroying the Tree of Harmony in the premiere. The Tree should be destroyed in an alternate scenario to make up for the treehouse later.

Between Dark and Dawn:
Celestia and Luna were on a vacation to practice for their upcoming retirement, but also put Twilight in charge of controlling the sun and moon while they were gone for practice when she rules Equestria.

The Summer Sun Setback:
The Summer Sun Celebration was discontinued over Celestia and Luna’s reign ending due to their upcoming retirement.

A Horse Shoe In:
Starlight Glimmer was getting ready to become Headmare of the School of Friendship to take Twilight’s place when Twilight becomes ruler of Equestria, and also got Trixie to take her place as Vice Headmare.

Daring Doubt:
The twist being that Ahuizotl was a jungle guardian who was protecting the ancient artifacts from Daring Do, when it was quite clear that he was evil as he was trying to take over the world in all his previous appearances.

The Ending of the End - Part 1 & 2:
Acknowledges the main story arch with Discord releasing the villains to get Twilight to prove her worth as a sovereign. Grogar also turned out to be Discord all along instead of it being the real Grogar. Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow didn’t die but they were turned to stone instead.

The Last Problem:
Self explanatory. Twilight is the ruler of Equestria, she also is an awful recolour of Celestia, and Spike is also terribly muscular. The episode had a time skip, which didn’t work and was unneeded. Twilight was also forced to rule Equestria against her will as seen in a flashback.

Ahh I see you are on here too!

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