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Season 9 MLP episodes that need to be revised and why they need to be revised:

The Ending of the End - Part 1 & 2:
Acknowledges the main story arch as Discord brought back the villains to make Twilight prove her worth as ruler. King Sombra is also back with degraded character quality. Also a traumatising scene with spellbound ponies with green glowing eyes.

Acknowledges Sombra destroying the Tree of Harmony in the premiere. The Tree should be destroyed in an alternate scenario to make up for the treehouse later.

Between Dark and Dawn:
Celestia and Luna were on a vacation to practice for their upcoming retirement, but also put Twilight in charge of controlling the sun and moon while they were gone for practice when she rules Equestria.

The Summer Sun Setback:
The Summer Sun Celebration was discontinued over Celestia and Luna’s reign ending due to their upcoming retirement.

A Horse Shoe In:
Starlight Glimmer was getting ready to become Headmare of the School of Friendship to take Twilight’s place when Twilight becomes ruler of Equestria, and also got Trixie to take her place as Vice Headmare.

Daring Doubt:
The twist being that Ahuizotl was a jungle guardian who was protecting the ancient artifacts from Daring Do, when it was quite clear that he was evil as he was trying to take over the world in all his previous appearances.

The Ending of the End - Part 1 & 2:
Acknowledges the main story arch with Discord releasing the villains to get Twilight to prove her worth as a sovereign. Grogar also turned out to be Discord all along instead of it being the real Grogar. Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, and Cozy Glow didn’t die but they were turned to stone instead.

The Last Problem:
Self explanatory. Twilight is the ruler of Equestria, she also is an awful recolour of Celestia, and Spike is also terribly muscular. The episode had a time skip, which didn’t work and was unneeded. Twilight was also forced to rule Equestria against her will as seen in a flashback.

Ahh I see you are on here too!

Season 2 of Pony Life premieres on April 10th.

I’m afraid I didn’t. Never saw it. Interesting, though.

Did you know how Shrek Forever After made the third movie non-canon?

Yes, I’ll see to it.

Could you get some deviant art people who hate season 9 to join your campaign, please?

I am astounded that you went so far as to found this... Hoo boy, reality is not going to be kind to you in a few years.

Let me know what they think?

I actually messaged them on Patreon the other day. They have yet to respond.

You know, if the Brony analysis were aware of your campaign, I would see their videos talking about that. That's what I wrote on your GoFundme-Fundraiser Page.

Artist #24 · March 17th · · 3 ·

Go fuck yourself, leave season 9 be, and go back to your basement

Because the comments you’ve made indicate your shared dislike for the final season. We need everyone who agrees on our side.

Thanks for the invite. How come you invited me?

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You have 493 down and 7 to go. After this is over, would you care to make your MLP tier list on your deviant art profile, read the comics, or watch season 1 of pony life?

I've made a list of some episodes, like the first 3 that are based on fanfics, The Crusaders Save the Day, When the Tree Talks, A New Student. Episodes 12-13, a two-part midseason finale, about Zecora's Homeland. Growing up is hard to do should've been the 11th episode while the last crusade should've been the 22nd. Instead of the last summer sun celebration, another grand galloping gala. Zebras, Kirins, parrots, buffalos, deers, Abyssinian cats, and saddle Arabians join the school of friendship. The three-part series finale, the darkest hour.

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