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This is true...whether or not she would want kids, I don't know...so I'll just leave that up in the air for now.

Fluttershy is, at least based on season 1, a competent babysitter.

Yup...I'm sure any kids any of them have in the future will see the rest of the mane 6 as sort of an extended family. I could definitely see AJ's kids calling Rainbow and Twilight "aunt" for instance.

I don't think Twilight and Rarity will have any - Twilight is married to her job (even with Celestia and Luna still there), and Rarity, while I think she would get married, I don't think she wants kids, and I don't think she'd be good with them. Flutters and Pinkie are up in the air.

Seeing as Scootaloo is an honorary sister to Dash, that makes sense.

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