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Me am chibi dwagon. Me am here to clean up after messy ponies. Also: To defeated the badponies.(Luckily my writing skill exceeds my character's speaking skills)

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Commission Price Change (Possibly temporary) · 3:43pm Dec 6th, 2021

I'm pretty full up on commissions right now and still have personal projects I'd like to finish, but don't really want to turn off commissions either. So instead I'm going to bump up the price from $20 to $25 per 1000 words. This does NOT apply to any commission that is already in discussion; if you've so much as messaged me about it, you still get the $20 price for that commission and any future chapters on the same story.

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I don't hate bat ponies. Some of my best friends are bat ponies!

What do you have against batponies?!

Well I do.

Hi on here :rainbowlaugh:


Don't I know you? :rainbowhuh:

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